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So @Mads47 was writing to me that there was a great discount on hair wax. So I had to make a refill taking up all of my girlfriends closet space :guardsman:t3::boy:t2: Thank you Mads, may you win the best HMF user of the year.


If thats a picture of jars taking up an entire closet…then those are some BIG ASS JARS!


So by guessing how many jars there are in the closet. (11+ possibly) x The jars being 100ml each.

That’s over a litre of hair wax.

Are you planning on going to space with that much?


You obviously haven’t seen Johnny’s slick hair :ok_hand:

These will probs last him a week


Johnny’s hairgame is 10/10


Yeah you told me you bought a few! Tell do you mix Extreme Titanium and Hard Gold wax? since you have both kinds. Never did the mixing of the two, but might think about it trying it, if i buy Hard Gold.


This is like a whole new language I’m experiencing here. Like, 3 days a week I’ll wash and condition but other than that the only thing I do to my hair is dry it.


Mixing those creates some special effect to any hair!


Today is the vernal equinox aka the beginning of spring aka the start of the persian new year


Which reminds me that daylight saving time kicks in next weekend, which means a weekend that is one hour longer than usual (I don’t ordinarily yeehaw, but this is etc). This makes me happy. I am a humble man.

Which ever god can permanently make all weekends two hours longer and not screw up calendars and seasons and all that, I will bow my head in worship for the rest of my days.

Although, if that god then demands I devote my time in worship for say, three hours a week, I will curse them to the lowest hell.


So this is why 47 is bald. What assassin has time to balance the perfect ratio of hair waxes?


My mum, my nephew and I went for a walk on the beach today before grabbing some food at a pub. Next to the pub there was a field with a few horses in, all of whom came over to the gate when I approached with my nephew on my shoulders. These horses were freaking massive but friendly as anything and leaned over the fence to be pet and fussed over. My nephew is only two and I don’t believe has seen horses before, or hasn’t been so close to one let alone three. All was well for about 5 seconds until one of them decided to lick my nephews leg with a tongue probably the size of his arm and completely freaked him out. Hilarious and worth it. Horses didn’t seem to care and stuck around to watch my nephew run off to my mum before recieving more pets and fussing.


Feck. Just realized spring has begun :cry:
I love winter way too much :frowning:


No body loves Winter, spring is just the stepping stone to something far greater and that is called summer.


It’s not true. It was when i went to school and summer I was free. But now i learned to appreciate every season. I love winter as I love summer. It can offer awesome landscapes that summer can’t. I did nice trips even in the winter. Every season offers something different


i love being able to snowboard in winter. but thats literally it lol


Winter really is underrated :frowning:


Do you want Whitewalkers? Because that’s how you get Whitewalkers.


It barely felt like we had a winter here. There were a handful of days with frost but it’s probably the warmest winter I have ever experienced in the UK.

Anyway, March is our Sunmer. It’s going to rain constantly until October after that


I think its been the warmest winter everywhere. Climate Impact this time around is hard.