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We missed you fiddy eight!

I think you did the right thing, owning up to feelings is never easy and I kick myself now for missing chances I had in the past like this.

Hoping things go your way dude, best of luck.


I Hope that it bringe sine clearity and stability back in to your life. Like Quinn and Hunter said, this is the right thing to do. But may I ask where do you plan on doing it? Because this might chock her and turn her would up side down.

I don’t think this is a thing you should just blur out in school or public. But a place where both of you feel comfortable. This is just as much for your own sake as hers. It needs to be a place where she can react and somehow deal with it, without being trapped.


I’m planning to do it after school today.
I’m well aware that conversatiom might turn into arguing and I definitely wouldn’t talk about stuff like that in public or in school.
It’s just thing between two of us.
The biggest problem I have though is that I’m afraid I won’t be able to speak about it.That I’ll just start a conversation and then get scared of talking about it.I don’t know.That’s the hardest part.
So I’m thinking about how to say it but nothing comes to my mind that would make the situation easier.I guess I’ll just have to say it no matter how hard it is.


Wherever you decide to tell her, I would just be totally honest. But when you’re with her, don’t just blurt it out, ease into it. Talk about something mutual for a while.

Then when you get up the nerve, just explain to her that you have to tell her something that’s been on your mind for a while. Also (like I said) be honest, let her know before you tell her, that you really value her friendship and no matter what, you hope it doesn’t change that and you just have to get it off your chest.

Then…(whatever it is you’re truly feeling) just tell her everything. Just tell her man because mark my words, if you don’t then you will be kicking yourself later down the road.

It’s better to be truly honest and out in the open with your feelings and then getting shot down, rather than keeping it to yourself and years later, you are stuck forever with the thought “what if” and I’m telling you, that will stick with you and hurt a lot worse than getting shot down in that moment.

I mean if that does happen, of course it will suck and honestly you might feel like crap for a while. But in time, I promise you that will pass. But not doing nothing… forever wondering… that will stick with you and you’ll feel a lot worse.

And who knows, if she ain’t interested (now) just remember, people change… if she truly is the one for you, it will happen one way or another. Your paths will cross again, but hopefully you both can stay friends in the mean time.

Just go for it now while you still can. Be honest with both her and yourself and let nature take its corse. Whatever happens man, good luck. I hope all works out for ya buddy!

P.S. don’t ever leave the forum dude. It really would be a shame to lose you. A lot of people are here for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope it’s not too late to chime in. Don’t know what time it is where you are. Here’s my thoughts.

First. don’t let everything out on the table. That tends to freak girls out more often than not, especially when it’s something she’s not expecting. Do your best to play it as cool as you can.

Second, with your particular situation here’s kinda how I’d say things if I were in your shoes at that age (and yes, it would def be best if you did this in a quieter setting with a bit of privacy). Anyway, I’d go with something like this. “So I know this might be a bit weird and honestly I’m kind of nervous and uncomfortable about bringing it up but since you and I have become friends and we’ve gotten so comfortable with each other, lately I’ve been kind of wondering to myself if there might be more than a friendship here. Has that crossed your mind at all?” And then you can just have a nice simple talk about it. Whether she says yes or no, I don’t think a soft approach like that would ruin your good friendship (but no guarantees). And playing it cool and not gushing over her will hopefully help her avoid feeling awkward as well.

Just a thought. Wish you luck bud. These first experiences are tricky waters to navigate.


Exactly ^

I agree… ease into it and just be honest.
Again, best of luck to ya @AGENT_58


Ha, well @AGENT_58, clearly you’re getting a lot of advice and a lot of people in your corner. Most of what’s being said is pretty similar so at least you’ve got a pretty good direction from us. Just need to do what you’re most comfortable with. This kind of thing is ALWAYS a gamble. No approach works with everyone.

So @AGENT4T7, we were obviously both typing our posts at the same time. We differ a bit. You’re a “let it all out” guy. I’m a “play it cool and reserved” guy as far as advice goes. But I do have to say, it’s REALLY hard to practice what I preach. In reality, most of the time, both when I was young and now since being single again, I have a very difficult time holding back all the things I want to say to someone. Life! Crazy shit man! :sunglasses:


Well,this is how it went

In school just before our last class I asked her if she had 5 minutes after school because I had to talk to her about something.
So she said “Sure,no problem”

We went outside of the school and stood there in front of it,she was in a hurry and couldn’t go anywhere more private.
So she asked me what did I want to talk to her about.

And then

I turned into a stuttering mess.I couldn’t say anything,I was really trying but the words just couldn’t come out.

She said “Well,I’d like to help you but I have no idea what’s the problem.Do you have a problem?”

I said “Nah it’s just something about you”

It was probably the worst thing I could say

I tried to say what I really feel several more times but I didn’t say anything at all.Just words,couldnt even make a sentence

So she asked me if she did anything to hurt me or upset me.I of course said no and tried to explain the situation.In the end I said
" I can’t do this.I just can’t,sorry"

She said she feels kinda stupid because she knows its something about her yet has no idea what I wanted to say.
She told me I can send her a message when I get home if that would make me feel easier.I agreed.

And thats it.I almost started crying there and then.I was both angry at myself and super sad because I missed this chance.I just had a really bad feeling during that conversation that we’d never talk again and that stopped me from doing anything.
I guess I’ll have to send her a message as much as I dont like doing that when its something important to talk about.I cant do this any other way it seems.


We’ve all been there once

And hey now you’ve got an in to say how you feel without awkwardness. :wink:

Finally getting around to uploading that tutorial I had planned.


That sounds like a horrible experience. Sudden panic happens to everyone. Try texting her or even calling her. That might be easier

If nothing good comes out of it, it’s not the end of the world. It may feel like it but it’s not. As always, if you feel like letting your shit out at someone, feel free to hit me on discord or here. <3


Want me to contact the ICA to clear potential threats?? :grin::grin:


Awe man, sorry that didn’t go well. I’m sure most of us can relate tho. That kind of thing happens a lot, mostly in the early years of pursuing love but also even sometimes with experienced people. Girls can turn a guy’s brain to mush.

And it’s not a missed opportunity. You actually bought yourself some time to have another go at it. Hang in there. :sunglasses::+1:


Well,I guess I should just finish this story
Basically I wrote her a message after thinking for about an hour where I said everything I wanted to,how I feel and stuff like that.

After couple of minutes I got an answer from her in which she said how she feels very sorry that this happened,that I shouldn’t judge and hate myself,that we’re not gonna be friends like we were before but that I can still talk to her about anything if I need to etc etc.
She also said I’m just falling in love with wrong people,that statement really destroyed me haha.The fucking irony.

I felt great getting that off my chest,but now I’m really starting to feel sad and lonely.
If I had a problem I’d always talk to her about it.But now that she’s gone there’s no one to talk to.
There’s no one to talk to all.

Oh well just another dissappointment,I should get used to this bullshit.


No you shouldn’t. <3

You would have ended up regretting not saying it later on in life. Trust.
It’s sucks. But hey that’s life.


Man… I’m really sorry to hear that, that is tough…

But don’t get discouraged, at least you gave it your best shot and you were honest and it’s finally off your chest. It may not be the answer you wanted to hear, but you had to do it and you should be very proud that you saw it through.

Like @HHCHunter said, if you didn’t then you would have just been more disappointed with yourself even more for it later… Fact!

Keep your chin up man, you’re still very young. I know you’re in pain now, but like I said before if this were to happen, in time it’ll pass.

just remember you ain’t alone, we all went through similar situations at some point. Live, learn, grieve, keep moving forward. Don’t ever feel like you have to “just get used to this” because you don’t and you won’t have to.

Don’t let how you’re feeling now prevent you from allowing others in, in the future. The right girl will come along man, I guarantee it!


This Saturday I’ll be going to my grandfather’s funeral, celebrating his life with the family. He passed away a couple weeks ago, we weren’t super close but he was always a good grandfather to me and I’ll miss him. Just makes me realize how you can lose someone you love at any moment.

Then on Sunday night, the family and I will be watching some WrestleMania, and I will be an angry nerd through most of it because WWE gets off on giving the fans the exact opposite matches that they want.


Sorry to hear about your grandfather, hope the funeral goes well and you guys give him a good send off :slight_smile:

I used to be really into WWE and last year for the first time they came down to Plymouth and so for a laugh me and my brother went to see NXT perform. Hands down one of the best live performances I have ever been to and I like to go to the theatre a lot. I don’t know what their TV shows are like any more but I have to say that night was incredible and was definitely worth pulling a sicky at work for.


Yeah NXT is always great. If you ever decide to watch the television shows stay away from RAW, and watch SmackDown instead. RAW is 3 hours and SmackDown is 2 hours. 3 hour wrestling shows are so difficult to sit through, and WrestleMania is going to be like 6 hours total lol.

Thanks for your condolences by the way!


I went to a couple of live wrestling shows in the early to mid 1990s - I think they were in either 1993 or 1994. One was WCW and the other was WWF (as it was called then). I only have vague memories of it and can’t remember who was at which event, but I definitely remember Sting, Cactus Jack, Brett and Owen Hart and Doink the Clown. I was sat so far back I could barely see what was going on. Made my school friends jealous though.


Sadly I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born a little bit earlier, I would’ve loved to grow up with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Bret Hart, but instead I had to grow up with John Cena lol.