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anywebsite (hitmanforum) + Control & Enter.

If you already don’t have it to open as a tab on browser start.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the info, guys. Good to know.


Same here, in google chrome i have to type www.hitmanforum.com, before it was enough to type hitmanforum.com this started yesterday :frowning:.


Drove an hour through no-to-low visibility bullshit weather to get to training class for my new job only to arrive just to find they’ve cancelled it for today. Now I have fuck all to do today.

Edit: Actually, scratch that, I’m gonna spend today showering my dog with love and attention.


That should be every day


Last I checked, bathing a dog over twice a month was very much not reccomended unless strictly advised by a veterinarian.


He said showering with love and attention, not water. :slight_smile:


Hmmmmmm he most certainly did. Good one.


Yup same here; Chrome.
Lol glad I wasn’t the only one, I actually thought for a second that forum was gone for good :frowning:

Just gotta remember that www lol


It is every day. Today, I’m doing it all day.


doggos, because they are worth it


Morning all, on my way in to my new job in Amsterdam. Moved over this week and hoping the commute is as painless as it has been so far.

Being out of work since February had me pretty low, but I’m coming back now. New job, new city, new country.

I’ll stop humblebragging eventually, I’m just really happy :smiley:


Good luck! Hope things go well.

I manually updated to Win 10 creators update this morning. Immediately looked at the new features and this happened.

Autodesk had better watch out.


What’s with everyone changing their avatars all of a sudden? Guess I’ll join in.



Hey @Niobium, guess who this is and guess what is happening


Bad stuff going on with Freeze


spichard rencer


Hm, wow, i have always liked his videos, i can now understand why @MrFreeze2244 has a bad temper sometimes after hearing what he is saying, i can’t help feeling sorry for him.


I’ve been on vacation in Orlando for the last week which was awesome! :heart_eyes: