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No no, it’s not like me and 5 other applicants, but rather me 5 interviewers. It’s more common in my line of work, where you work with kids. Often on the school / Kindergarten board there are parents involved in the hiring process.


Ah, now i understand :flushed::joy:, i think that’s better than 5 applicants at the same time :smiley:.


FIGHT TO THE DEATH for the position.


Hahaha, what a bizarre school / Kindergarten job interview that would be :fearful::joy:.


Good Luck Mads!! You will be great


Posting this here because not many people look at the Original Music Thread, sadly.

Back in January, my band filmed and recorded a live session in our rehearsal space with an up and coming local production company. They filmed and recorded us, and we brought the choons. The video is now out, I’d sincerely appreciate five minutes of your time to give it a watch/listen. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am quite happy with how it came out.

The song is called “The Ballad of Bill O’Reilly” - A name that may sound familiar if you’ve been paying attention to the news in the last week or so. For those who don’t know, Bill O’Reilly is a lying charlatan who has somehow managed to become a very successful television host with a career spanning 30 years. The song was written as a general riposte to him in an age of hyper-partisan and sometimes even fake news - But just as we were gearing up to release this, O’Reilly finally got fired from Fox News due to mounting allegations of sexual harassment towards his female colleagues. So, that gives the song some new context. Fuck sexual predators, fuck fake news.

General News Thread 2.0

Good luck @Mads47. I had one of those before with SEVEN people sitting in on the interview. It’s not really as nervewracking as it sounds and it sounds like you’re not freaked out by it at this point so you’re in good shape. In a way I kind of liked it because you get to impress your knowledge and qualities on a small group for them to discuss afterwards rather than a single person who is gonna be “yay or nay”, almost like the flip of a coin on whether you get the job.any way, best of luck!


This is so well said that a like isn’t enough, i have to say well said :smiley:.


Ha, and your above and beyond “like” in turn calls for more than a like in response. Thanks.

Okay we can go back to the heart thing now :joy:


Congratulations IO! Well deserved.


I assume that Danish Game Awards will take into account only games made in Denmark? If so, did it not win a GOTY? That’s pretty bad.


They won best game design and best technical achievement. That is not “pretty bad” - That’s damn good!


I don’t see how IO getting deserved recognition for their game from anybody is a “bad thing” GOTY or not, this is still a great accomplishment for them.


Are you sure that wasn’t a SINGLE award for “Best Game Design To Technically Achieve The Most Bugs In One Game”? This has “fake news” written all over it. :joy:

Just a smartass comment. No love lost IO :sunglasses:


Haters gonna hate…


Lol well I think it’s great. IO should be proud!


Like I said, just a smartass comment. It IS a good game that I will eventually go back to.


Yikes! And just after posting that, this site changed. Colors are all different and header has gone to plain black and white text. Anyone else getting this?


Hæ? What the…?:joy:


Oh thank god!

I just changed a few settings in the new firefox build and thought I fucked something up.