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Then act like it and stop making excuses for it.


In most cases it a question about age and maturity, as a guy who work with social education and at the moment school kids. There are far between mature kids of their age and how they react, i still see kids that are on the same mental level as a 3-4 year old, even if they are in the second or third grade. This is mostly boys.

The fact is that the main demographic that plays videogame, simply ain’t developed enough. As a rule of thumb we say that males are first able to reflect over consequences of their actions between 22-25 years of age. Where the oppesit sex the female learns this neat trick at in their late teens and early twenties. Keeping that in mind, it’s not to hard to see why a dungeon dweller with little social skills would not be able to understand what he does is wrong.

We can’t simply expect people to smart developed enough to act their “age” and especially in videogames online. I certainly don’t and i will use their frail temper to my advantages…If i can make a player more angry by making a fool of him, i will. He will become a worse player and an easier kill.

But non of this make it okay, but we have to step back and realise that people are in different stages in their lives and take them for what they are. Either fight it with reports or do like me, drive them mad, make them rage quite.

The problem is that the curling generation have grown up.


Nobody is making excuses. Every single online multiplayer game has a toxic community. People like to be assholes behind their computer screens and the safety that they can say, do whatever they want without facing the consequences.

It happens in every game, but Overwatch is extremely competitive, as is League of Legends, FIFA etc. and they have even worse communities.


Last thing i’ll say on the matter, since I just feel my point is being proven over and over again:

Watch this

And this.

And this.

Explain to me how we as a community should accept this behaviour as normal.

Explain to me again, why Blizzard should put the development of their game on the backburner so they can prioritise dealing with these kind of people, the sheer number of which is staggering.

This is not common, this is not just “something that happens”, this is disgusting, racist, sexist and just downright malicious. Refusing to acknowledge this as a serious problem does nothing,other than kill the games you claim to love. This is in a very real danger of becoming the new normal with so many people being wilfully blind in regards to it.


What is normal even? for crying out loud there is no such thing as normal, only what we view as diversions from the norm. Fuck me if my work with kids have taught me anything, then that is there is no such thing as normal. Some kids are a blast, some are unbearable. Some will throw a tantrum and beat the living shit out of another if they get pushed, why? because he’s not cognitive developed enough. I’ve seen this in all age groups, even if it’s a trait kids “normally” grows out of at the age of 4.

But shitty behaviour is not okay and never was. But we need to have an understanding of where said behaviour comes from to fight it. We can’t fight it with wishful thinking. The fact is that males are in their mid twenties until they are able see what the full consequences of their behaviour, not all who play video games are developed cognitive enough. You simply can’t expect them to act outside their mental capacity, they respond in the only way they know.

Luckily most of this can be fixed, but it’s a slower process called getting older. Damn i know this, because i been one of those screaming brats online, i played WoW for many years. Damn it took me a long time to understand that telling some one that they deserve to die of cancer and so does their family. Is not the smarest thing, unless you are looking for a foolproof way to get banned.


Why do you feel the need for your opinion to be right? I don’t see you writing essays or posting videos about how toxic the League of Legends community, the FIFA Weekend League community or even the Rocket League community is.

Every single online multiplayer game has a toxic community because of a few reasons:

  1. People, gamers in particular, have a competitive streak. They get mad when they lose and for the following reason below they strike out.

  2. People can say or do whatever they want on the internet, they are anonymous and feel they can get away without facting the consequences, this is not just the case with video games (e.g. forums, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit).

  3. People can be assholes, that’s not Blizzards fault or even the Overwatch playerbase.

Do you actually think that sexism only exists in Overwatch? Do you think because of this 1 incident that an entire playerbase deserves to be branded as sexist?

Do you want Blizzard to do nothing about the toxicity in the game or do you want these people dealt with? Make up your mind, if Blizzard are clamping down on this then great, what’s so bad about that?

You don’t play many multiplayer games do you?


This isn’t even about my opinion, this is about what Blizzard are coming out and saying. Overwatch has a serious problem with toxic players that is now having a detrimental impact on the game as a whole. The developers have had to actively slow down development on their own game because they are unable to deal with the sheer scale of the problem. They can’t release updates as frequently as they’d like. They can’t create new characters as frequently as they’d like, etc, because they are spending swathes of time trying to deal with people who perpetuate bullying, harassing behaviour. That’s not cool.

Not an excuse.

Not an excuse.

Not an excuse.

You genuinely believe this is an isolated incident? Blizzard have taken action against over 400,000 accounts. That is a sizeable portion of the player base perpetuating this sort of behaviour.

I refer you to the answer I gave earlier. I never called the entire player base sexist. I said Blizzard have to spend so much time dealing with people like this that they no longer have as much time to actively develop their own game. Do you get it yet?

Here’s what’s so bad about it - Blizzard can no longer actively develop their own game because they’ve had to turn into digital police officers for their own community because the levels of toxicity are so out of control. This could all be avoided if people could just fucking behave themselves and stop bullying and harassing others, but they can’t - Because this behaviour is becoming normalised. People are making excuses for it, people are saying it’s just “normal” and everyone should grow up and get thicker skin. It’s really embarrassing for our hobby, it makes gamers look utterly pathetic. The weight of the problem is falling on the shoulders of people who just want to make a good game. The community needs to start moderating itself, not sitting around making horseshit excuses for the worst kind of behaviour.

You want to make this an issue of “gamer cred”? Well, Buckaroo, I’ve played games online since the early 2000s. I dread to think how many hours I have put into Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, Quake III Arena, Counter Strike, Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2, Gears Of War, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, etc. Probably years of my life in total. I’ve played enough games over the years to know that whilst toxic behaviour has always been present to an extent, is getting worse and worse. It’s not a few idiots anymore, it’s a systemic, universal problem that is only growing in malignancy as time goes on. I enjoy very few games now because of the levels of abuse, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, many people are forced to endure is just through the roof.


I got myself in really REALLY deep shit. School police is coming to my school in monday because little Sociopath from my class who really hates for no fuking reason decide to get me in problem by talking shit and lying behind my back. This is not even the first time. I fuking hate this world.


This is not about justifying toxic behaviour. It’s about accepting that these sort of things are inevitable. There is a difference.


Keep calm and collected. Explain things how they actually were. If you didn’t do anything and people don’t think you would do something like this guy is blaming you for, then hopefully the situation goes smooth for you. And I’m assuming that you say that this isn’t the first time this guy does something like this so that can help you.


I don’t think it’s possible to avoid behaviour like this in online games or forums, it is very easy to behave like this when you (not you personally but you to those who behave bad) can do it without anybody know who you (same goes here :smiley:) are, it’s a never ending battle, but still important to remove them as soon as possible.

I don’t feel that all gamers or the term gamers is hurt by this, because you have good behaving gamers and bad behaving gamers, for most of us it’s up to ourselves which one we want to be, but some people can’t help themselves and uses these platforms to spew out hate etc.


Where in Scandinavia do you live? Because i have never heard about a specific school police in Scandinavia.


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Reasoning is irrelevant when it achieves the same ends. By ignoring toxic behaviour, by dismissing it as “inevitable” even when it becomes so big as to consume and slow down the development of entire games, not only do you achieve nothing - You actively encourage more of that kind of behaviour. There’s no repercussions for it, nor are there any rebukes - Because it’s just what happens online.

Personally I like to think we are all a little better than this, and we can participate in our hobby without race hate/derogatory sexist putdowns/general shittiness to others. The amount of people defending this and dismissing any concerns is honestly really disheartening,