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It wasn’t sarcasm :wink:


Ever got a problem needs fixing, go see my boy Martin.

I’m not serious though.


Again, defending =/= saying it’s common within gaming. Obviously it’s unacceptable, but there’s really nothing we can do about it since we’re not the ones doing it (I hope)


It’s as simple as that
You can’t somehow stop people from being assholes on internet.


I repeat:

This is boys will be boys but with gamers.


If i didn’t know any better I’d swear I’m in the General News thread.


One of my most liked posts is about Soders:

It got 11 likes. I don’t know how to feel about this.


Feel good for commenting something that’s considered a valuable contribution to a discussion.


I’m guessing it’s the cynical vibe that makes him feel conflicted.


Cherry picking.

I have 3 PSN account and also manage 4 people’s so in the end I have access to 7. We all know how many dupes Immadummie and Uber had here… etc. Just because 400.000 accounts were banned you can’t say that they were that many much people. For all you know it was 40.000 people making 10 accounts on average. While it is still an issue, its scale is now much lower than what you seem to make it look like (or even the dev team).


Can’t be more cinical than a GIF being one of the comments with more than 50 likes or that guy who got confused and got in here thinking it was a forum about cars. Anyway, I think that about now many members know how cynical this forum tends to be.


I got lucky.


I’m back and this time, I guess, for good.

In this month that I was banned I moved to China and started learning language. I’m living in the very Hitman-ish hotel (with cameras, passcards and a shitload of fire extinguishers)

Playing Hitman using hotel wi-fi is a pain in the ass (ALWAYS ONLINE!!111) but quite possible.

So all and all, the shit’s pretty lit in China, I like it a lot.

So 你好 to the good people of this forum and “fuck off” to the not so good since from now on I’ll ignore these for the sake of discussing bald assassin (that much I promise).


Welcome back @Serious_Pony :smiley:.


Moved to Canada with my family.


Do you own a moose already? :smile:


Come on man, I just got here a couple days ago. But yes, I do.


Welcome back on HMF!


I’m back. Irma was a bitch!

I’m glad to report that everybody in my family and everybody I know in my little world is safe.

Irma was a cat 2 by the time it got to me and the eye was ~40 miles away, so we did not get hit hard. Power went out on the 10th and had to move around a bit between places, but we were comfortable. My family and I are very lucky. I do not look forward to the day that a real category 5 comes my way.


Glad to hear you are okay, 40 something people died i think, it was bad that so many died, but boy it could end so much worse if Irma would be travling over land from Key West and all the way through the end of Florida :grimacing:.