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Nice to see you had time to reflect on your behaviour during your suspension.


Stop trying to provoke him.


Update: Motherfucker told me that school police comes next week because He has more important things than my case


Got an interview for a new job next week.
I haven’t been this excited for a while.


What’s the job? Best of luck.


So what prompted the move? Job related? Planning to make it permanent?


Yes, it is going to be permanent. Not job related.


The drummer for our band is going travelling across Asia for the next 3 months. We have a show booked tomorrow night to say bon voyage, and then we will be going into hibernation for the remainder of 2017. Crying emoji, sadface, etc.

Luckily, as documented earlier in the thread, we were able to track the drums and bass for 2 new songs with him last week - and we’ve got more studio time booked in October and November to finish recording/mixing/mastering. We’ll release them separately as two singles over the winter and spring. I like both songs, but one of them I am especially excited about - That should be the first song we release, hopefully by December. I am gonna miss performing live, though… That’s my favourite thing to do at the moment.



I was in Japan for a year without my PS4, and when I came back, I got myself a gaming PC and bought the thing again on Steam anyway.

I love you, Hitman. I love you, IO.

I’m going to go back through old threads that I had been avoiding due to spoilers now. What an exciting chap I am, eh? Old forum threads, that’s my Wednesday afternoon.


I got a hair cut today. Now my hair is shorter. Great success.


Unless you are Carl Johnson from GTA SA, I don’t think a haircut is supposed to make your hair longer.


Me too!


My cold has gone full influenza and when i cough or sneeze it’s like to have Freddy Krueger in one lung and Jack the Ripper in the other and they don’t have their blades, oh no, they have one of these each:

a rasp for cheese

and everytime i sneeze or cough both rasp like crazy from my throat and in both lungs :grimacing:.
That’s the best way i can explain the pain.


Hey guys I just died


Get well soon


Get well soon.


LOL I just died again from laughter


Get well soon.


Thanks :joy::joy::joy:


Get some of this in ya