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And a bit of this


Eyyyyyyyy, now you’re talking!


I can also confirm the medicinal benefits of jameson’s.


I fell over onstage last night, wew.

Though that was due to Cider and not Jameson…




Been a Whisky drinker for years, last time I counted I had roughly around 80 bottles in my collection… never had a glass of Jameson’s in my life!

Might need to rectify that soon though (for research purposes you understand)


It’s is a lovely smooth drink. I finished a bottle during the week and got just over half of my Haig Club left.


Maybe time to start an alcoholics thread? :wink:


So the time I went to the doctor for my hairloss he asked for a blood test to see whether it’s anything else other than genetic male pattern baldness.

Looks like I have excess testostrone. He checked my testicles (yikes!) and looks like nothing was wrong.

Nevertheless he asked for an ultrasound of my scrotum and bilateral adrenal glands on top of the kidneys.

He didn’t say anything but it’s very possible that I have cancer. It must be that kid who told me to get cancer back then in some forum.

Guess I just have to wait and see.


Yikes, if the Doc didn’t say anything, what’s got you jumping to cancer? Certainly hope that’s not the case with you. Hair loss is common from the chemo treatment for cancer, not the cancer itself. Did something else point in that direction? In any case I wish you the best. :+1:


A lot people don’t seem to realise this. Rest assured I hope it’s nothing serious @Codename_Thomson.


The early hairloss is probably because of the excess testosterone not the potential cancer. I know cancer hairloss is from chemo lol. :grin:

There is a chance there is something wrong with my testicles or my adrenal glands and that just could be cancer.

Whatever it is I’ll deal with it.


Couple of things going on with me. First of all, I have done some clearing out of my grandad’s stuff, as well as my mum’s massive collection of DVDs, and going to a car boot sale tomorrow to sale them, something like 200+ DVDs, 26 VHS tapes and 50 CDs. See how much I can get rid off and hopefully for some decent money.

Not too sure how much I should sell them for. Charity shops seem to sell DVDs and CDs for £1.99 a piece, so I might just try that. Some of the DVDs aren’t even opened, so maybe try and get £3 for them. For the VHS tapes, they’re practically worthless, I have 26 of them, and honestly, if anyone shows interest in them, I will offer all 26 at once for £5. Otherwise, I dunno, 30p per tape? Even charity shops don’t sell them anymore and since a VHS tape is twice the size of a DVD, I can see why.

The other thing going on with me is that I go back to university on Tuesday, doing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the first time. A part time course which is meant to lead into doing an Undergraduate course. I did it last year but failed due to my grandad being in hospital in 2 months and then dying shortly after.

I feel eager to get started on it, I’ve been unemployed for over a month now and really doing little, my sleep cycle is a complete mess, and I think me studying and have something to do work towards will be a good thing.


May be about to leave behind my entire life and move to another state soon, maybe Ohio or Tennessee. Don’t have anything lined up, might end up homeless, but fuck it: ADVENTURE! YEAH!


Move in with Mad Max.


Oh fuck, Max lives in Tennesssee doesn’t he? Does anyone else from HMF? I might be down there soon. The definite plans are for Indiana this December, though. Down to meet up with anyone from HMF in Indiana that can promise to stab me to death, tho

Either way, big things incoming for me. I just gotta keep my head up.


Voting is done.

Let’s see if Merkel wins again.


I’ve heard that even though Merkel is set to win comfortably, AfD is predicted to get about 10% of the vote. Pretty crazy - The far right has been electorially dead in Germany for many many years.


Germany right now:



Its disturbing to see a cryptofascist party have such success in Germany of all places. Hopefully this is temporary and they’ll get kicked back down to the gutter next time there’s an election.