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Going on a date tuesday, nervous. Hope I don’t fuck it up.


I hear having a wisdom wank before a date is helpful.

But what do I know. Good luck!


My only advice, be yourself, if you are nervous don’t be a fraid for showing it and maybe joke about it, laughter and smiles is the best ice breakers.

Don’t go overboard with flattering, ask and talk about what she is interesting in, the worst you can do is talk about yourself throughout the whole date, that’s a no, no.

Other than that, i whish you good luck :smiley:.


I digged up the keyboard, gonna clean it up tomorrow. I learned how to play ‘My heart will go on’, can’t wait to learn other music themes. :musical_keyboard:


I spot an H instead of a B. Where are you from?


Poland… :smiley:


Finally decided I’m taking an Amtrak in December to Indiana instead of a Greyhound bus. I was initially gonna take a Greyhound bus, but it’s fucking expensive for the shitty experience, I’d be seated next to crackheads and dudes who just got out of prison, and all of that kind of shit, so I figured I’d throw the extra cash at it and yeah.

Part of the fun of why I’m going down there is to hang out with my friends who produce beats like I do, and one of the things we’re going to do is pool together money in a hat, like $5 or so from each of us, every night, and then sit around, and see who can make the most interesting instrumental in 30 minutes, to gain everything that’s in the hat.

I also plan on making a song for each state I travel through on my way, and then maybe release it as a free EP or something. I don’t know. It’s all just brainstorming, but you’d honestly be really surprised by just how creative you can get when you’re brought outside of your typical environment. I’m just gonna be a guy off to Indiana, making music on the way there, making music there, and making music on the way back, all the while hanging out with some of my best buds on this earth.

I’m going through a lot of shit right now, like a really rough break-up, and I get pretty fuckin’ beta about it, but I gotta keep my head up. It feels like… Even if there aren’t better times ahead, there’s more interesting times ahead, and I have to seize the moment, if anything, for the boy I was when I joined these forums just shy of ten years ago. I find myself thinking “I don’t think I can/want to do this… But that boy wanted to” and I push onward, because what else can I do? Gotta do my best to never get tired.


So the general election here in New Zealand recently ended. It was also my first time voting, which was exciting!

Our parliament operates on MMP (Mixed Members Proportional), and since no party received enough votes for 61 seats it essentially means that one of the smaller parties (NZ First, with 7.5% of the vote) holds the balance of power. They have the choice of forming a coalition with the centre-right National Party (the ruling party for the last 9 years and the one that received the most votes) or with the left bloc made up of Labour and the Greens. So until some 380,000 special votes have been counted in about 2 weeks time, we won’t know what the next government will look like.

What does this all mean? Well one of these two will be our next prime minister, and it’s simply up to the man on the right to decide who.


The best film in the world is trending on Netflix right now.


Couldn’t get the first five minutes through my throat. :slight_smile:


Odd i can’t see Godfather Part II on that list, odd you must have taken the wrong screenshot.


I think you mean Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne. :wink:


Are we getting close to the end of the lifespan of PS4? I’m not sure i will buy PS5 for maybe 5000,- NOK when it would be better to put in 3000,- NOK extra and buy a PC where i can change the hardware myself :thinking:.

Avalanche Studios has begun hiring for a project being developed for “both current and next gen platforms.”

Noted by NeoGAF user (and job listing spotter supreme) Nirolak, listings for a Technical Director and a Senior Multiplayer Programmer at the developer’s Stockholm studio both reference working on the studio’s next “open world / sandbox multiplayer engine”.

Given that next-gen is only mentioned with regard to the company’s engine, not a specific game, it may well be that this is a matter of future-proofing (although other listings in Stockholm do mention “an unannounced AAA title”).

It seems unlikely that Avalanche has specifics on the next generation of consoles but, at the very least, it feels as though the development industry is beginning to turn its collective eye towards what comes next.

Earlier this month, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata began discussing what will come next from his team, and told DualShockers that it’s aiming for a release on next-gen consoles.

Mid-generation upgrades PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have complicated the established idea of console generations - seemingly including for the console manufacturers themselves.

Ori & the Blind Forest developer Thomas Mahler has previously referred to the One X as a “full-blown next-gen machine”, while Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg said it will bring an end to console generations.

On the other side of the fence, PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida has reportedly said he’s unsure if there will be a PS5, but Mark Cerny has said the PS4 Pro isn’t a console designed to blur the lines between generations.

It may be that no firm decision has been made by either console maker, but it seems as though developers are coming up with contingency plans.

With regard to Avalanche itself, it’s notable that much of this current work work appears to be with regard to multiplayer experiences. Famously, the Just Cause series has relied on fan support to create multiplayer mods - it seems Avalanche wants to take that job in-house in future.


Yeah, PS4 Pro and One X complicate things, as they have been making statements that all the games must run on original consoles as well, so it’s not like they can make any real improvements anyway. Well, at least this makes the industry more interesting to follow.

What is really complicated however, is if you have to for some reason buy one Xbox One X box.


I also just learned that testing games before release on PS4 and Xbox is problematic as well, at least it’s what Slightly Mad Studio are saying about all the console problems with Project Cars 2, the AI is not tested on consoles, from what i understand the AI and other problems the console version have is not a problem on PC, i have no idea if this is true or not, but i know it’s not easy to patch console games, because they have to be checked by Sony and Microsoft first, but still the patches usally mess up other part of the game, so i don’t understand why Sony and Microsoft is so strict about it, i don’t know if a PC game have ever been completely unplayable because of a patch?


Plenty of times.
Usually followed up by a "hotfix"

Console certification is what’s holding the games industry behind, and some of the times it doesn’t even do the job it sets out to do.


That’s what i mean, it can take 14 days before a patch is out and it’s not even sure then that the patch dosen’t break something else, at least on PC a hotfix can be released when they have it ready.


Okay guys, I need some advice. So assuming that my brother is getting engaged today I am going to pay for his fiance to go have a day at the spa with my mum and sister and do all that girly stuff, but I got no idea what I should do for my brother. I’ve been thinking we should go and play paint ball. We’ve never done that and while I’m not entirely sure it’s his thing I figure it might be a laugh. However do you guys have any other ideas? There’s nowhere in town that does any kind of whiskey tasting or high quality fancy stuff so I have no idea what to do.

Edit: I’ve just found somewhere in Exeter that does VR Experiences - killing zombies and things. That could be a laugh.


They got like a race track around there?

Somewhere you can rent time and a car on a track and go at it.


This is a brilliant idea, didn’t think of that, thanks!