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The school where I just started studying video game programming has been chosen as best game development school in the world! :smiley:


Are you reading this @Opal_Hitman? This is the way to go if you want to make video games, this should come first, before you start to make corporate logo and making a corporate Hitman forum account that all your future employees will have access to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


You know something else he needs? Stop making it so obvious he plans on monetizing a registered trademark (not like he’ll ever make it, but an absolution sequel couldn’t be more dumb without proper authorization from the legal holders).


“Non-profit group of friends”

A quote from the ESG discord server.


I’m back at work after a few weeks away. Now catching up on all that’s happened between the release of the Mendie Curated Contracts and today. If you’ve tagged me in stuff, i’ll do my best to get to them. Or tag me again.

October Content Schedule next week anyone?


If we say “naah” will you hesitate with releasing it?


Yes. It will forever be delayed.


You missed the worst unlock in the universe. Be happy you missed it! :hammer:


I was around before it released to schedule the posts in. I haven’t seen the discussions but surely it isn’t the worst in the universe?


Just post



Season 2 next week anyone? :smile:


surely it isn’t the worst in the universe?

It isn’t, people love to exaggerate things but I’ve seen lots of people who appreciate it, myself included.

Thanks to you guys at IOI for continuing to support the game a year and a half post-release despite the tough times :slight_smile:


Bit of a miscellaneous post, but I enjoyed watching this short video produced in 1943 by the US War Department, about how to spot a fascist, and felt like sharing it.


Here’s the full thing:


Good old times of racism towards all Germans.


I guess the world does tend to think less of your country when you start committing genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes.


Lol. The actions of a dictatorship oppressing people of their own country represent that country as a whole now? Sure.


I’m saying suspicion towards Germany was warranted at the time, given what the Nazis were doing. Not that every single German is responsible.


Eyyy its Travis! Hows the baby coming along? :stuck_out_tongue: