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I’d post this in the general news thread, but it’s full of political shitposting.

There has been a mass shooting in Las Vegas at a music event. I don’t wanna imagine the terrible loss of life.


No, it’s full of news that you have no interest in. This belongs there.


Oh goodness me. So after finishing work this morning I came home and proceeded to get incredibly hammered. Apparently I phoned my brother because he turned up on my doorstep this evening and woke me up by banging on the door. I got no idea what I said and nor does he. Let this be a lesson kids, stick to water.




This was alcohol induced, whiskey to be precise. Had most of a bottle of Speyside (Small bottle, unfortunately I am not a giant) and then a quite a few drams of Haig Club. My head is spinning.


Was out and about today doing some shopping. I bought me an “Ezra Berg” flannel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I always really liked this flannel design. I used to have one years ago, but normal wear and tear throughout the years so I figured it was time for a new one. I really like to wear these a lot during the Fall season.

I also stumbled upon this BB/Pellet Revolver. Apparently they just came out with this one and I haven’t bought a BB gun in YEARS so I thought "what the hell."

It’s a Crosman SNR357 and goes 500FPS with alloy pellets. The cool and unique thing about this model is you load the BBs or Pellets in the bullets, which I think gives a realistic feel and is a nice touch.

The full brass bullets are for the pellets and the “Brown Tipped” ones are for .177 BBs only. I think it’s pretty cool as I alternated them when I load it.

Ain’t nothing special but for the price and considering it’s all metal (except handle) it’s a fun little toy lol


I have a very similar Crosman b.b. revolver, everybody who accidentally finds it thinks I own a real gun lol


Agreed on the stick to water sentiment. I just spent the best part of 7 hours throwing up after a night out. I have to be off work for 48 hours and I was supposed to be resuming my online degree program today after a year long deferral period. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

The final few pukes were just painful. Nothing left but stomach lining and bile. Yuck.


Haha yeah, from a distance they can look pretty real.


Here’s my little bb gun. Correction, it’s Dan Wesson not Crosman.


Oh wow! Yeah they definitely look very similar, indeed. Same gun basically, different brands…

But yeah I put a few shots through mine already. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s brand new, but the CO2 cartridge lasted pretty many shots (approximately 60 I’d say) before I noticed it starting to deplete. Not bad…


Oh dear, that doesn’t sound at all pleasant! Fortunately I avoided talking to Hughie on the big white telephone but I don’t think I had eaten anything which didn’t help.


A new update for PS4 is out 5.0 and this is what’s it does :smiley::

:: Release Notes

Main features in version 5.00 update

You can now add users of your PS4 as family members. This makes it easy to manage your child’s account information and to restrict PS4 features. To add family members, select(Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management].
As the family manager, you can set up your family.
Up to seven family members (including you) can be in your family and use online features.
Multiple adults can be in your family. The family manager can make other adults in the family parents or guardians. The family manager and family members who are parents or guardians can adjust parental controls for the children in your family.
You can configure parental control settings for each child. Using parental controls, you can restrict use of online features and communication with other players, set restrictions for games, restrict use of the Internet browser, and set spending limits for PlayStation Store.
You can configure parental controls anytime from your PC or smartphone.
You can now follow anyone, not just verified accounts. Select(Follow) on a person’s profile screen, and their activities and broadcasts will appear in [What’s New]. You automatically follow your Friends, but you have the option to unfollow them.
Recommendations for who to follow are now offered based on the games you play. SelectSelect(Friends) >(Follow).
You can now choose who can follow you and who can see your follow list.Select(Settings) > [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings], and then configure each setting.
(Custom Lists) has been added to(Friends). Create custom lists to easily organize your Friends and choose players to send messages or game invitations to.
For certain broadcasts,(Communities) now appears on the(Live from PlayStation) viewing screen. To access the broadcaster’s community, select(Communities).
You can now view(Notifications) on the quick menu.
The following languages have been added as system languages.
Czech, Indonesian, Hungarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Greek, Thai
When broadcasting PlayStation VR gameplay, you can now see spectator comments on your VR headset screen.
Other features in version 5.00

For(Messages), screen layout has been improved, and the following features have been added.
You can now receive music that has been shared with you as a message. Select the message to play the music.
Messages containing a URL now display a preview.
The following features have been added to the quick menu.
You can now select [Leave This Party] to leave the party.
You can now see albums and playlists for songs playing in Spotify.
A clock has been added.
The following features have been added to(Settings) > [Notifications].
You can now disable pop-up notifications during video playback.
You can now choose the color of pop-up notifications.
You can now choose to show or hide message details in notifications.
You can now choose to broadcast in 1080p (60 fps) when using Twitch on your PlayStation 4 Pro.
You can now enjoy Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD content in virtual surround sound when you connect headphones to PlayStation VR.
Blu-ray Disc™ is a trademark of the Blu-ray Disc Association.
Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify Ltd.


My thread got closed, but not permanently. Is that an achievement? I dunno.


This month I will find the courage and go to a barber shop to razor shave my head. Never done it before but I want to try. I know I could do it at home by my self, but I prefer to have it done by some else first and see how he does it.

Then, I’m waiting to find some girl, or an estetic center were I will feel confident enough to make my eyebrows like 47 from Absolution.


You also want to have surgery to have that weird vein in 47’s chin?


Lol I’m pretty sure that’s a scar :laughing:


Doctors can also help with that


That is not a vein, is a scar. I can do that pretty much myself


I must admit, I wonder myself if I may need to go bald at some point. My hair is definetly beginning to thin out, which is a little scary as I’m only 24. I can still get away with it if I grow my hair long, but I do worry that by the time I’m 30, the top of my head will be gone.