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Here’s the link YouTube. Com/c/BADABOOOM :ok_hand: he recently started doing the monthly content schedule.


Instead of who? Can’t we watch someone else? I do not understand this statement.


If Mrfreeze2244 were to ban you, Bada does exactly what he dose. BSD is also really good for walkthroughs I’m just saying if you don’t like Freeze there are a lot more like him. :+1:


I believe you meant ‘‘for instance’’

That’s useful since I’m banned too


Lol that’s what I ment to say I was using my mic god dam spell check thanks Brun cheers


I think you meant to say bruh


Or burn, given your username.


Oh yeah right


May I present you, the new Star Wars money & merchandise machine:

What happened to Star Wars? Did we already reached the bottom? The “Guardians of the galaxy” level? That’s just sad.


Star Wars Christmas Special was the bottom.


You’re right, totally forgot about it.


I have no excuse for that one (Brun) holy crap I need to work on my spelling or check it first did I spell everything correct this time?


I’m just sorry I reminded you of it!


You did. You lacked several punctuations IMHO, but you did spell properly :laughing:


It’s ok Frank. I can handle it. Somehow.


Thank you and have a wonderful day. images


This book made me laugh today! And yes it’s a story about a penis…the story of the Pee-pee.


So I was online talking to some dumb blonde roastie who was grilling me in a big speech about how “because she’s pretty, men automatically assume she is stupid”. And I was being very casual with my typing because I wasn’t in a serious environment.

so i was typing like ths not capitalizing words and not correctign my spelling or using any sort of punctuation and being very casual and replacing “you” with “u” and such.

And then she says…“Wow, dude. You’re grammar really sucks” as if trying to insult me and make herself sound smarter.

You’re grammar.

You’re grammar.


I legitimately burst out laughing. Oh man.




Nobody cares.