What's New?


I can say the same for a lot of stories on here. But people post it anyway. Why? Because it’s new, and they are sharing what’s new. That’s the point of the thread. So back up boyo. Post what’s new in your life so I can tell you how little I care.


Just trolled the sh*t out of some blogger from Norway. Legitimately ruined her day. I feel like a massive dick now. :frowning:


I don’t need you to care, I have plenty of people who will care. Also, what’s with the ‘boyo’ shit?


Short posts like these damage the integrity of the forum’s software and provide users with rudimentary engagement that doesn’t spawn the desired primal outcomes for member-to-member entanglements. Indeed, it risks disrupting the post-time continuum which may render discussions redundant. It would be advisable to refrain from such courses in the near future to preserve the flow of discourse by keeping commentary substantial enough for the ideal thread to flourish and thrive.

That is all.




Pretty butts : “Wow, dude. You’re grammar really sucks”
Dude : "That doesn’t make any sense."
Pretty butts : "What do you mean?"
Dude : "You’re your mother’s daughter, figure it out."
Pretty butts : "Why your bringing my mother in this."
Dude : “(Let’s pretend I can not hear anymore).”


How did he even type that without violating the 20 character limit

Also @FrankFuchs how did you make a cool gif and put it in the post like that?


It’s you can’t type anything less then 20 char.


“OK” only has two characters. how did he type that and post it?


Not sure how they do it exactly but you can go to options and click “Blur Spoiler”.


Okay, forum trickery aside. On the topic of “what’s new”, I kind of sorta made ammends with that blogger who I horrifically trolled. I’ve been messaging her back and forth and we’re kind of hitting it off but I feel that she will never forgive my first impression and never see me as a friend because we got off on the wrong foot.


What did you even do?




The implication seems to be that was a separate incident.


What did you even do?

You don’t wanna know…


Now i’m extra curious.


I know. You are male stripper.


LOL I wish I was good-looking enough to be a male stripper. It would fix my romantic problems at least.


I warn you now, unless you want to disrupt the post-time continuum…



Seriously, it’s no joke! One more “ok” post may set off a chain reaction that’ll override the software’s safeguards and warp us into an endless loop where the only member left will be sgg847.