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At least that would create some forum peace

… For a while



Waiting for sggforum…





What does that mean ?


That’s classified, of course.


No, I wanted the definition


Google is your friend.


I’m not dutch btw


Apparently what’s new is people need reminding the character limit exists for a reason.


I couldn’t agree more. Forcing members to end their posts with “20 characters” is of vital importance. (Or using spoiler tags without a message.) :wink:


Short replies on Discourse though still aren’t as annoying compared to Invision PowerBoard – when the poster’s signature was longer than the post. I’m glad we don’t have them anymore.

It was actually a good way to tell worthy contributors from the others.


Got the approval of my study today. :slight_smile:



Back in ~the studio~ tracking guitars today


Damn I am happy with how these clean guitar tones are sounding!


what do you study ?


I will study computer engineering for 3.5yrs now.


I participated in a 10 km race at my city today, starting at 9:00 AM. Will post pics later. I’m tired as hell right now.


i was just at an anti-fascist rally in toronto. it was actually my first rally. it was exhausting, but fun.

a lot of people liked my sign and asked if they could take photos of it. i’m famous lmao