Which mission would you like to see remastered in HITMAN(2016) - Poll


I’m with A Murder Of Crows.


Beldingford Manor.


The levels are way too small to fit into HITMAN …


I thought the same thing. I voted Curtains Down, but the other levels (including Curtains Down) are just way too small for Hitman 2016. I thought A New Life was perfect the way it was, and most of the levels on the list are too small and I don’t think any of the choices need to be expanded on.


Birdie’s Gift from Absolution.


Curtains down, but the actual opera is happening, not just a rehearsal


Dexter Industries.

Bring the hate.


That would be cool! Blend in: as spectator.
When u replaced the fake gun with a real gun!


I liked that mission especially the last part. The one after that ‘Death Factory’ was even better.


All the FIVE FATHER . In Codename 47

—The Lee Hong Assassination
—Traditions of the Trade
—Say Hello to My Little Friend
—Plutonium Runs Loose
—Meet Your Brother


Do I really have to play ‘Say Hello To My Little Friend’ again? I hated that mission.


you make me sad :cry:


Why are you such a camper @MrOchoa


Ah yes. Say Hello to My Little Friend with both previous missions would be fun.


Bjarkhov Bomb is big enough. It would be nice to see that. It had a lot of layers including a tunnel, barracks and it would be nice to see that depth in a very large space.


The Murder of Crows - Many targets, huge map and ideal place for new crowd technology.


The Jacuzzi Job.

Till Death Do Us Part.

House Of Cards.


alot of people are saying they don’t want to see old maps remastered… but what they updated them to fit the game more? Maybe make them something different and familiar?


Beldingford manor
Traditions of the trade
Curtains down
Murder of crows


Different but familiar? Like all Triad-killing missions on single map at the same time? Or more like The Bjarkhov Bomb turned into World of Tomorrow?