Which mission would you like to see remastered in HITMAN(2016) - Poll


None, rather have them make new maps that are just as good as Paris


I was thinking more like making some maps bigger, adding more to them, and making more kill oportunities for targets? Just a thought though


Then it’s basicly The Bjarkhov Bomb turned into World of Tomorrow. Two targets. One that you can meet alone in proper disguise. And something that needs to be taken care of inside lab filled with personnel wearing anti-radiation suits.


Traditions Of The Trade - I played this mission over and over, maybe it was the roses lol


Lee Hong Assassination.


Beldingford Manor for sure


They should combine Jacuzzi Job and Basement Killing (That’s the name?). Since that building was split into 2 levels, combining them would make it would make a good level for 2016.


I’d really like to see IOI do the Triads War and Yakuza arcs again but this time with a view towards modernity/authenticity.

I mean, IOI are obviously big on movies… I really expected the Yakuza missions to take after the Beat Takeshi stuff at least, and I wanted the Hong Kong crime stuff to happen in authentic Hong Kong city areas or in an MTR station or something.


You know what would be a good map? A town. Like Streets of Hope, but bigger and better.


Don’t you mean Sapienza? I mean it is a town, with apartments, shops and buildings, similar to Streets of Hope?


Sapienza’s a holiday town, tourist attraction with history. I was thinking of skid row.


St. Petersburg Stakeout! The music should be remade to match the classic songs within the level too!


Probably either Traditions of the Trade or A New Life.

Although I would rather they just did new levels.

Perhaps a few years after Hitman (2016) is completely finished, they could do a remaster of the best levels from previous games. Here’s a few suggestions:

All Triad levels in one
Lee Hong Assassination
Traditions of the Trade
Anathema (don’t know how to spell it)
St. Petersburg Stakeout
Tubeway Torpedo
(Haven’t played silent Assassin, just saying ones I think might be cool from what I’ve heard)
Curtains Down
A New Life
You Better Watch Out
House of Cards
A Dance With the Devil


None! We have 1/2 of a game that was remakes and we only have 6 total games. So a remake in season 2 would be “game 7.”

Let’s get to game 10 before we have anymore remakes. I wouldn’t mind returning to a previous location but a different level. The Petronas Towers for example would be fun to revisit but instead of going to the basement again or to a penthouse I’d just want a level with an identical lobby and a specific floor or two (new layout) all in one level. Then we could have nostalga and a great new level.

Of course this would mean elevators, which for the moment, are “no access la”


I was thinking of a scene where 47 gets captured and sedated, where he Contracts dreams up a past mission.


We have the second poll:


That was basically the entire 3rd game. He wasn’t sedated or captured. Instead he was shot and going in and out of consciousness in his hotel room. ICA sent a doctor to repair him.


There were a lot of great missions. I liked most of Blood Money; You Better Watch Out, A Dance with the Devil, Murder of Crows, etc. Any of them would be great if they were revamped and made bigger and more interactive like the modern levels. I personally think a Curtains Down level combined with the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation opera scene at the Vienna Opera House in Austria would be cool - It would be similar to Paris mission in map size and number of NPC’s present.


Absolutely! I think we’ve lost sight of how large and well designed the maps are in the current game.

However, if I had to pick one that has stuck with me, it’d be… (prepares for the hate)… Attack of the Saints from Absolution. From the areas in and around the Waikiki Inn to the cornfields it was an awesome level. I loved the way you start pinned down in your burning motel room, being the hunted, to taking back control as you become the hunter and take The Saints out one by one.


Tradition of the Trade
Shogun Showdown
The Meat King Party
Beldingford Manor
A House of Card
A Dance with the Devil.