Which mission would you like to see remastered in HITMAN(2016) - Poll


i want to see “say hello to my little friend” remade, not because it was a good level, but it because it was a bad one. the worst level ever designed in hitman. i want to see it redeem itself in the new hitman game.


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@Niobium obviously never played “At the Gates“ or “Bjarkhov Bomb“ :smile: :wink:


Bit late but


i want the king of chinatown and the vixen club remade, but combined into one map, and with more ways of killing the two targets.

@MrOchoa yeah those were awful too. half of the maps in codename 47 are, despite the game being very important in the series


I would like to have all Hitman games (except Absolution) not remastered, but made from scratch in today’s game engine Glacier 2 :smiley:.
At least Hitman 2: Silent Assassin :flushed:.


I’d love to see Contracts in Glacier 2 :blush:


I just want the whole HD trilogy in Glacier 2. Perhaps even with Codename 47 included so we can play the jungle missions.