Your favourite indie games?


What are your favourite indie games? I really love them, they are true works of arts imo, they may not have the flashy graphics or biggest budgets, but there is something about them that just makes you see the love developers poured into these games. Most of big AAA games today feel like products to me, I mean I like them but a lot of them seem so hollow, with indies you have a guarantee of game being the embodiment of the original creation developers enviosioned.

My favs are: Bastion, Transistor, Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, Fez, Journey, Limbo, Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami 1&2, Unravel, Braid, Shelter, SUPERHOT and World of Goo.

Brothers, a Tale of Two Sons isn’t really indie but feels like one, so I’ll list it. Also there is Monument Valley on mobile devices which is pretty beautiful as well.


Don’t starve by Klei Entertainment


Dont Starve, Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Both Hotline miami games, Super meat boy, Fez, Shovel knight and Castle crashers


Journey is an awesome game. That would have to be my favorite indie.


BattleBlock Theater by The Behemoth.
When I play this with one of my friends we always laugh. It’s so goofy but at the same time challenging. Great game.


Did you play their previous game, Castle Crashers? It’s in the same style and as much fun!


I agree. It way better though if you play with friends.


Amnesia: the dark descent


Yes I have played it. I haven’t finished it though.


Castle crashers is so awesome with friends;D


I really like The Swapper and Limbo.


Styx: Master of Shadows, Mark of the Ninja, Bloody Trapland, Limbo, Broforce, Gunpoint, Invisible Inc., Cook Serve Delicious!, Among The Sleep, Republique, Trine 2


Kerbal Space Program. I’ve put so many hours into that game. It’s the kind of game where I lose interest after a while, but then I sort of come back to it again.


Is that an indie game though? It’s one of my favorite games ever no doubt.

I like limbo and hotline miami 1


Well, the dev and publisher are indie, AFAIK, so I’d say it’s indie. Can’t wait for the sequel.


Me neither. I love that game. It’s top notch stealth


I heard a lot about Republique, I’ll definitely try it out.


Big fan of Gemini Rue, beautifully made with an engaging story. Love the Blade Runner atmosphere and score. My favourite game this year (so far) is Firewatch, which is stunning.

Then there’s The Beginner’s Guide, Gone Home, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Papers Please, and The Stanley Parable. All fantastic.

Also, I’ve heard great things about To The Moon, which I haven’t played yet.


It’s currently 75% off on steam, worth buying? Looks fun on the gameplays I’ve seen.


Oh, definitely buy it! If you like hardcore stealth, play on Goblin difficulty with no knockouts, and you will have a hell of a time. Some of the best stealth level design in ages. Fantastic verticality.