Your favourite indie games?


Cotton alley is already freaking hard;D


Dr Fetus boss took me literally 4 hours…


Which Binding of Isaac is better? Original or Remake? I have never played Original so i prefer Afterbirth:D


And I didn’t play the remake :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we still say “The Witcher” and “Project CARS”?


What is your option about New Super meat boy game?


Looks a lot like the new 2d Rayman games, which I think is a good thing, since they’re awesome. Hope it will be challenging, the music doesn’t feel disconnected from the original either, so far so good, but I’ll wait for some more info and footage.

In the meantime I want to recommend The End is Nigh again, extremely challenging platformer from Edmund McMillen again, with tons of content, tough as nails platforming in later stages and the general feeling of being a Super Meat Boy follow up, although unlike SMB, The End is not really about speed, but execution.


Im waiting the ps4 version:) Game looks good and sounds good


Is it PC only or something? Lol I had no idea.


Nope. There will be Nintendo Switch and Ps4 versions protably this year or early 2018


Kona looks very cool!


Btw what do you think about SMB Forever? And did you complete the SMB Dark World?


I never completed Dark World because its too fuking hard. Well i like the story(Nugget is fuking cute) and the music sounds good but the art style is really weird for me


Some demo footage!:slight_smile:


It’s painful to watch, whoever played this, they’re not very good. So SMBF is an autorunner, with this and the fact that it looks more cartoony it kinda looks like a mobile game to be honest. The game also seems slower than the original, and I think it could provide a bit bigger field of view. Looks fun enough, not very hyped but I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

Thanks, Tuppe.


And Chapter 1 is much shorter than Chapter 1 in SMB. Hopefully the reason is that its just a demo


I just bought CounterSpy. This game is very enjoyable!


The Bindiing of Isaac!
A GOD of a game, if you like poop and Zelda.


Thimbleweed Park is :ok_hand:

The characters might not be as instantly lovable and the color palette as appealing as Monkey Island games, but in every other respect it comes damn close.


Castle Craches is fun