Your first Hitman memories


Now I never really liked the idea of talking about my age on here because I feel like I might be pretty young compared to the majority of people here but everyone on this site seems so friendly and respectful so screw it.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin (on the Xbox) was the first video game I ever played…yes you read that correctly. I’m 17 years old and I played Hitman 2 when I was about 3 or 4. My parents weren’t really strict about video games so that’s why I was playing such a violent game lol.

When I was young though I obviously didn’t understand the stealth aspect. I would run around Anathema shooting up the entire mansion with the silverballers. I remember my dad was watching me shoot people and I asked him “what’s the red stuff coming out of them?” and my dad told me it was blood. So Hitman taught me what blood was lol.

I would also shoot the pigs at the hideout but my mom would try to make me feel guilty about it.

Anyways, what I mostly remember was really liking the Anathema guard disguise, thinking 47 looked awesome with sunglasses. I also used to call 47 “Hitman” but I think a large majority of people do that anyways. But the biggest memory I have was killing everyone in the level, and dragging their bodies into the pool.

My brother beat the game so I had access to all the levels, I remember St. Petersburg Stakeout and that mission is and always was great. I just love snow that may be why.

So yeah, probably wasn’t the best game for a little kid to start out with, but at least it was a damn good game in general.


I have been thinking for some time about creating a thread about the first videogame people played, and about what memories do they have of those.

My first hitman memories are in hitman contracts. I do not remember at what age, probably under 11. I like to think I was born for stealth games because pretty early on I would try to find the disguises that allowed me to cause the least possible mess. But it wasn’t until a couple years after that I actually SAd the game.


Asylum Aftermath. First thing i wanted to do was kill all the “witnesses”


My first hitman game was Absolution. I saw a video on it, and I was amazed by it. I always played linear games, and Absolution looked really fun. I ended up buying it on a sale on Steam, but I couldn’t run the game. There was no refunds at the time, so eventually I ended up buying Blood Money. I was amazed by the freedom, and grew to like stealth games. I then bought all the games, and played them all. I remember Contracts when I was playing the Beldingford manor level, and I snuck into the house, but got spotted by the lady in the shower. I ended up killing a bunch of the people in the house, and actually escaped and saved the guy in the stables. I always love tense moments in the series, where you get spotted and you have to run fast or shoot the guards to escape.


My first memory dates back to 2004, with Asylum Aftermath mission, after 47 killed Ort-Meyer and escaped from the asylum in Romania. Hitman Contracts forever :two_hearts:


Playing Hitman Blood Money as a shoot-em up :grin:


My memory is from year 2000, when Codename47 was new. I remember I had to look down on the ground when playing, or else I would get 10 fps.


I´m younger than you :smiley: I first played Blood Money in like 2012 and it was soooo awesome.
I remember playing it with my cousin poisoning the sleeping guard in A Vintage Year, trying to push delgardo of the balcony and throwing a hammer in peoples faces…
I play this game to death even now, but was disappointed with absolution after such an awesome game…


My first encounter with Hitman was seeing the trailer for Contracts on TV (where a frantic target breathlessly runs down to his limo in an underground car park only to find 47 has replaced his chauffeur as the partition window comes down). Still my favourite cinematic of the series to this day.

I remember finding Contracts very difficult as a new player to the franchise (and stealth games in general) and I used lots of text-based walkthroughs on GameFAQs to help me through!


They should make level based on that trailer


If this was in HITMAN, you’d lose your SA right there when the target sees you huehue


One of my friends got me into codename 47 I don’t remember when I think silent assassin was out at that point and I played that straight after.


Mine were traditions of the trade on contracts and accidentally walking into rooms with civilians sleeping. I just decided to kill them for the fun of it.


Playing Hitman 2 with my friend & murdering the post man because we hadn’t discovered sneaking. Then using his disguise to get to the mansion gates & getting shot because as I later discovered we were running. Then trying different ways to get into that mansion & just figuring that level out in general as well as all the game’s little idiosyncrasies over many many hours we spent playing that level.


One of my friends got a demo cd for the ps2 that included the Hitman 2 demo. It was just Anathema and I only played it for about 20 min - but it was enough to get me hooked.

I didn’t have a ps2 at the time, so I had to wait several months for the game to come out for the GameCube. But it was worth every penny. Was a bit disappointed to see that you couldn’t punch people - unlike in the ps2 demo -, but I quickly found myself making the Don’s brother and lawyer flying, with gunshots, over by the pool.

Great memories!


I started with codename 47 with 47 waking up in the asylum and I have been hooked ever since.


Started with H2SA, got it immediately after I saw my cousin playing that. I loved to go all out and kill everybody instead of sneaking, the only level in which I actually tried to not be suspicious was st. petersburg stakeout. Silverballers kicked real hard in older hitman games.


My cousins visited me and they gave me Contracts. I was like 11 years old so it was a shocking experience. When it started I was like how can he shoot himself (turns out it was one of his bro’s). I was playing it alone as stupid as I was I was playing with all the lights out. I started playing, walking around dead bodies, hearing the terrifying soundtrack and crazy asylum patients all around me. I was so scared I turned my ps2 off and went back to the living room where my cousins still were. I said “this game is sick!”. Next day I tried it again, completed the mission and arrived at Sturrocks meat factory. When you think it couldn’t get worse…


2001 I was still living in Romania, was 11 years old and my step dad came home from Italy. As a present he gave me a videogame magazine called Games Machine and there it was, a CD in a cartbox with the image of a blue eye man with huge eyebrows holding a big black rifle (at that time I didn’t knew weapons)

The second image was the logo. I somehow was hypnotize about the elegance of the logo. But it didn’t grew on me till I went deep in playing the game.
Like your post. I didn’t knew how to play stealth or what it was. I shot everyone and wondered why the hell I keep failing the mission. Then I notice there was actually a briefing with some exact things to do.
Later on I started to consider the game like some sort of real life simulator and even refused to run around because in real life it would be very weird to run on the streets all dress in a suit.


I must have been around 10. I was at my cousin’s house. He was 18 and decided to show me a few games he had on his computer. One of them was Silent Assassin. Seeing 47 stealing disguises and garroting people made a strong impression on my young mind. But although I’ve always played videogames, it never occurred to me to try that game for whatever reason. Not until years later anyway.

One day, browsing the steam store, I saw Hitman Absolution was available for preorder and seeing the name Hitman brought back that memory. I didn’t even watch a single trailer or review and bought it on the spot. When I installed sniper challenge, I was so hooked I didn’t go to Uni that day. Then I realized I had gotten the older games for free as a preorder reward. I played them all starting with C47 and was absolutely hooked. I joined the old HMF and have played through all of these countless times since then.