Your first Hitman memories


Lol this is just too much man :joy:.Seriously?


For real. I still do this. Start Hitman from the first mission and do it all “elegant” :smiley: Every Hitman game I played it like this.


I’m 20 so I was about 5 or 6 when I first played Hitman 2. I just remember figuring out I could take the postmans disguise and walk straight past the guards. That amazed me at the time. Think I managed to kill the target but I never actually completed the mission until years later, when I eventually finished the whole game.


My first thoughts about Hitman were how 47 looked like slenderman😂


I was 14 in 2000. grabd theft auto was still in 2D (and thus unfun to me). I got this game from a friend and we played it or I watched him play a bit. I took it to another friends house and we booted it up. First real level is actually just tutorial level #2. You’re on a roof with a rifle and a fairly simple task.

My friends dad came home and he was stunned. He had never seen a game where you are a bad guy. He said this aloud and I realised “I have never seen a game where I am a bad guy”

This is fun. Now it’s 2016, I’m 30. I meet hitman fans IRL and they are amazed at how old I am (right @DrowNby47) but I still love this game and I still like that 47 isn’t exactly a good guy (although they have tried to Han Soloize 47 into a basically good guy).


Ah, I remember, getting my hands on contracts. I tried to kill many people and the most scary part is running into the SWAT team in Asylum Aftermath, I didn’t know how to shoot and I played a lot of fighter games so I started mashing the square button and I was like “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK WHY ARE YOU NOT DYING???” Only then a few months later I discoversed the R2 button. It was glory, shooting a bullet. It echoed on the hallways of the asylum.
I was still scared to piss when I saw a group of 5 SWAT members try to gun me down as I ran through the hallways. Then an orderly tried to taze me and I was scared shitless, as I spun round I saw the orderly get gunned down, I was like “Haha bitch!”. I then could never complete that level in that day because I had SWAT chase me to the roof only to get sniped. :frowning:


I guess if you couldn’t fire a weapon you’d quickly become pretty good at stealth since strong wasn’t an option for you lol.


Hitman 2 Demo, Anathema mission. Trying to snipe the target with my Beretta 9mm while he stands in the balcony.


WHAAAAAA oh damn, man one of the best PS1 games I ever played was GTII. And dude, I didn’t even knew how to say “hello” and that game was in english and I was like 7. And I still beated it. That game was a blast! It was like, for real, the first open world game I ever played and the first one in which I actually had to learn the map. Good times!


I’m glad you liked it. I had it for computer but didn’t love it. Vice City was my favourite. Then years later they made them in 3D and what do you know? Vice City was my favourite again.


Codename 47, when 47 assemble sniper rifle from briefcase. When I saw this, I think “I newer saw something some realistic in video games”.


I am not quite sure, but I think I remember the tutorial from Hitman Codename 47 very fondly.
I remember the brutal animation when 47 fibre-wired that poor training doll, and I was blown away by the animation of it.

And of course the sniping from the roof. Hitman sparked my love for sniper rifles – and stealth games in general.


My first memory of Hitman is playing the Absolution intro. mission, and being blown away by the style, level design, and humour. Not sure why it took so long to find the franchise; probably just too deep into sports titles and running Resi Evil to be anything other than vaguely aware of it.

Still very much a noob, but it’s funny thinking back to how I used to play Absolution (pretty much like RE4/5, with a tiny bit of stealth thrown in :smiley:).


Did you go back and play the previous games?


No, not yet. I’ve been hoping they would be added to the list of bc titles on XB1.

Do you think it’s still worth it (in terms of them ageing)?


I do yes but it depends on the person really.


True. I’m not averse to older games as long as they’re good quality.

We still have a 360 in the living room, so could get them for that to try out. Was BM a big turning point for the franchise, and do you think that would be the best place to start?


You can pick up the HD collection dirt cheap now so go for it. Start at silent assassin and work your way up, if you don’t like one move to the next. If you can get codename 47 try that but I think it’s PC only.


Garroting The Sparrow and gunning down his mate.


I was looking for top 10 stealth games. In the thumbnail of a video I saw a guy with a gun and a woman in the shower. “That looks cool,”

Fuckin’ hell it was :smile: