Your first Hitman memories


I watched top 10 water levels in video games Watchmojo. Death on the Missipsispi was an entry.


I remember playing A Vintage Year for the first time and it didn’t go smoothly. At all. I tried sneaking up on Fernando Delgado but apparently my definition of ‘sneaking up’ is running up to him with my gun out. Needless to say he turned around and started shooting at me which attracted everyone inside and outside the hacienda. I killed everyone and dumped them over the balcony. Think I gathered over 20 corpses on the cliffside path.


Earlier this year I remember a screwdriver massacre in the Sapienza lab (I only joined the series in April) but a long time ago I played at a freinds house (it was absolution) and I was gunning down a bunch of innocent people in Chinatown.


Codename 47 of course. Lee Hong Assassination at my friend’s house. I know it’s hard to believe today, but it was laggy as hell, PC couldn’t handle the game and it had around 1 FPS in some moments :smiley: (staring at the ground -as always- helped). I was around 11 then and to me it was first serious game, which tried to simulate reality. I remember my friend telling me that i need to hide my weapon, because NPCs can notice it, and i was like: NO WAY!! :astonished: It was like peak of an AI to me.


I began playing Hitman in 2000 a lot of months after C47 was out. I read a review and I understood that game had to be mine. But my pc couldn’t handle it. Too old. So I had to wait months before playing it. When finally I was able to do it, I played it a lot of times, alone and with friends. I loved that game (and I love still today). I remember some stupid bad reviews on italian press who said C47 promoted murder of the father, because the protagonist had to kill his father at the end of the game.


My first memory huh?


I’m so sorry, very traumatic experience…


The first hitman game i played was Absolution, back in the day i liked to shoot everyone in the face. In the next xmas i bought hitman trilogy in a ps store sale and i realized that i couldn’t shoot everyone in the face, i had to be stealthy…
The first time i was stealthy in a hitman game was in St. Petersbourg Stakeout (I kinda fucked up in Anathema) so that is my first hitman memory. :wink:


Back in the day huh? Haha. I am happy you played the old ones though. It’s a wonderful series.


The first time I saw Agent 47 was (believe it or not) in the 2007 movie. I watched it in 2009 or 2010. I was 12 years old and I remember loving the movie. Beyond this point, I was aware that Hitman was a very famous stealth games series, but my parents were always very restrictive about the games I played (to this day my mother still complains if she sees me playing something violent, specially Hitman).

When Absolution came out, I remember being really excited for the game and I wanted to buy it wouldn’t run in my computer. I had a friend that had the game, but I was too shy to ask him if I could play it. :sweat_smile:

The first time I really played a Hitman game was in 2015 (yes, I’m a newcomer to the franchise). I watched a trailer of the recent movie and thought to myself “Man, this is bullshit. Hitman is supposed to be stealthy”. Then I started to think “Wait, how do I know that if I never played the games?”

So I instantly bought all the games on Steam and played them all (kinda, I still have to finish Absolution). I didn’t feel that the games aged that much, since the core experience was still great, so I loved them all. Now I’m trying to save some money to buy HITMAN™ Season One.

There you go, a story about how the Hitman movies actually turned someone into a fan of the games. At least they managed to get THIS right. :joy:


My first memories were me going on an all out rampage in all the games. Of course I didn’t get too far. I remember when I thought Blood Money was a hard game. :joy:


Last I checked over 90% of the games in Brazil were pirate copies. May I ask why did you buy them all from steam when the norm in your country is to get them for free? Particularly when not many people in Brazil have a good income.

For me it is a given that all my friends with a PC get their games illegaly. Same for half of the ones with a PS4.


Well, I just don’t like to get things illegally. OK, it is a little hypocritical of me to say that because I’ll often watch movies and TV shows in “unofficial” streaming services, but I like to pay for what I enjoy (when I can).

With games, I just download pirate games when I can’t buy them legally, like abandonwares and games that are forbidden here (hard to believe, but Bully couldn’t be sold legally in Brazil until last year). I also often pirate a game just to know if I’ll like it or if it’ll run in my computer. If the answer to both questions is a “yes”, I buy it.

About not many brazilians having a good income, that’s kinda true for me too, but not buying recent games and waiting for Steam sales helps a lot.

Well, I just got WAY off-topic here, but I think this answers the question. :sweat_smile:


Love this thread! Anathema on a friends Nintendo GameCube of all things! Loved it, immediately needed it for PS2 asked for it for Christmas, got it and never looked back, the rest is history.


I wish I found Hitman earlier, but it has been just barely two years since I discovered the franchise. Well, I actually saw the first movie few years ago but it doesn’t count. The first game I played was SA, but because I had no idea how to complete Kirov Park Meeting, (I was so bad that the other target always escaped) I stopped playing that and in August 2015 I started playing BM which I found out to be a lot easier. Well, first I had no idea how to be stealthy so I just massacred everyone, in A New Life literally everyone. After that I began trying harder but ended up getting pissed off, because I didn’t know about notoriety and since I had done so horribly, NPC:s recognized 47 more times that I can count to. :,) I guess I still had fun with that, because I played all the other games through too (expect C47, that’s not gonna happen).

Also with Contracts I had a lot of fun. After I managed to complete Bjarkhov Bomb, I usually played one mission every day before going to sleep. It was a dark and a gloomy autumn so the atmosphere was in a sync with the game too, wish I could have that experience again.


Used to come over to a buddy’s place almost every day after school.

It was 2001/2 and I was in second grade.
One day I came over and it was then that I saw a bald suited badass
dragging corpses around a foggy street in Japan.

I was fucking hooked. The ragdoll physics, the badass bald guy. Picking up two different guns and just blasting people, watching their exaggerated physics fling them away… This was the long and unique video game I’ve been dreaming of! Holy crap!

From that day Hitman stuck with me forever. I’ve bought every game in the series, including Absolution, unfortunately.


It was 2005. My first 3d game. I was running a pirate copy of Russian version of hc47 on my laptop. No soundtracks, constant crashes on the mission SHTMLF, lots of shooting and fun.


My first hitman memories were of course from codename 47. Snapped Ort Meyer’s neck.


THE MEAT KING!!! :confounded: