Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


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Might try to do some random Hitman stuff


Hey everyone,
As most of you know I have a YouTube channel now where I’ve been uploading Hitman videos, and I wanted to create a thread meta discuss them, because i’m more interested in learning how to properly edit and make “pro” videos. If you’ve seen any of them you’ll notice I do a lot of cuts and don’t show full runs, and while I have a lot of respect to those channels that do post runs of escalations etc, that’s not a route a necessarily want to go down per se. I want to put more emphasis on the edit and learning how to make videos more engaging.

Here is my channel if you haven’t checked it out already:

So yeah the TL:DR is I want to use this thread to talk about what I could do to improve my vids in terms of editing and what the content should be, so if you have any advice or constructive criticism please do post it here :slight_smile:


We have a dedicated YT/Twitch /thread :slight_smile:


So do people really make a living off of YouTube? Do you get payed so much per subscriber or view or something?


Some do. I believe it’s about

  • monetising videos
  • asking for donations (e.g. Patreon)
  • other sources (Twitch subscribers, Youtube Red, etc)


What is YouTube red I have heard of it but I don’t know what the difference is?


The difference is $$$$


Is it like Netflix or something?


Yes… a lot in some cases. Shitty FouseyTube makes 200k a month. He has 9 mill subs. So imagine PewDiePie’s income at 48 million subs …

A paid youtube service to turn off ads and watch content either exclusive/early… or use adblock for free.


Never heard of either of those but I don’t follow any YouTubers. That’s crazy how much money make what do the two you mentioned talk about?


FouseyTube is pure shit. Pretends to be a idol basically, giving “inspiration” to his fanbase (kids/girls with crushes). Then secretly shows off overpriced crap to extend his ego. He’s faked fights and stuff for views and people click on him. Honestly I wouldn’t care for what he does other than the bragging his does through his Twitter to show off.

PewDiePie is Swedish guy who now lives in UK who to be fair is an average guy that made it big off girl crushes and kids too. He barely brags about his wealth but does do very shit videos. Him playing games…badly, shouting at them and acting childish. His Outlast series was very good thought, would recommend. But 99% of his content is memes, screaming and crap.

TL:DR Fousey = 100% Ego Prick who pretends to be inspirational and PewDiePie is good guy who got very lucky by making memes and screaming at games for big cash.


It’s a crazy world we live in right? Well you live in it myself below it.


Yup weird where people who kick a ball around for 90 mins here or there or people who scream at a camera or lie earn way more than people to save lives every day.


It’s actually really sad :worried:.


Hey guys! I am currently working on playing and putting together videos for one of the best role-playing games I have come across. It’s Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, developed by LucasArts and released in 1992. It’s an oldie but a goldie!

I managed to get my hands on it for free sometime during 1994, when it was offered along with a new sound card I bought for my computer. We do not get to see such games these days, which boast excellent story-telling, puzzle-solving and role-playing elements put together!

If you have some time to spare and calm yourselves after all that action-packed, nerve-racking, blood-racing games we love and play these days ;), do sit back and have a look at the below. Hope you enjoy!

PS: I am creating the videos in an episodic fashion, each running for 15-20 minutes.


Anyone wants to check out my self made Hitman serie made on gta? It actually has a story that not has been cleared up for the viewer yet. I think it’s really worth it to watch? It’s on my channel too.

Here’s the link to the thread:
Hitman: A gta editor series (finished) :slight_smile:


This comment. Video below. See at 3.00 on timeline.