Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Hey guys, i just wanted to tell you that i just started a Resident Evil 7 walktrough, so hope you guys give it a like :wink:


I’m livestreaming the new elusive target tonight at 7pm Europe time. As allways, I need support. Don’t know where to start so all your tips will come in handy. :dog:


I’ve gotten back to streaming, and if anyone’s interested, did a playthrough of Injustice 1.


Hey guys, please watch my Landslide speedrun and subscribe my channel if you like it, it really hepls :wink:


come watch me live on twitch


I uploaded the second part of my Professional Silent Assassin playthrough, Sapienza.


trying to break WR for SA/SO Marrakesh


Check this out and let me know if you liked it :slight_smile:



I’m doing a quick (3-6 mins long each) Professional Difficulty / Silent Assassin playthrough of HITMAN. All the videos will be the full missions edited down into easily digestible videos. Paris and Sapienza are up now if you want to check it out.


Livestreaming again :slight_smile:


Be careful man… and come back safe!


Subscribe!!! :wink:


well, here’s mine :wink:


My channel’s name is Beyond, Bond and Beyond. I am mainly making reviews of Bond movies (and other Bond related stuff). During the course of the summer I will do movie other that Bond and try to bring the same level of discussion and charm that I try to put in my Bond videos. I would very much enjoy it if you would check it out, and who knows? You may even like it. Sit back, relax, and try to have fun!


I’m livestreaming right now if you wanna come chill and post memes


I’m streaming the great kill everyone competition :slight_smile:



Some new vids up on the channel! New glitch vids in Colorado on Pro difficulty and during ET 21,
and a late escalation run of The Meiko Incarnation :slight_smile:
Aiming for a SA/SO Fibre Wire Kill vid in Colorado on Pro soon


I already replied to the other thread, but here’s my channel.

Name is rattleshnake, I mostly just upload Hitman videos. This one was by far the most popular, it’s a favourite kill of mine that I’d been doing for a while.


I just posted my first Blood Money speedrun :smiley: