Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Everyone has seen this video. It’s everywhere. There’s no escaping it.


Oops, sorry for posting! I love it though XD


How did he do the panning shots and the free camera movement?


I’ll pm you when I get home


life is though for allot of people. My opinion is that your personal situation doesn’t mean it’s justified to ask for money with a clickbait youtube video, when you’re not a nice person in general. Other than that introvert’s video is just for pure comedy. If you can’t take it than it’s your problem.


I don’t really see why making fun of a public figure is so wrong. He should prefer that to being ignored completely, at least he gets some views out of it.

edit: Also I just watched the @introvert_ video. If you consider that “public shaming” you need to grow the fuck up.


Introvert’s videos are hilarious. There is nothing better than this…



He used freecam


The only way to play Hitman – since 2000!


I’m live on twitch :wink:


For my 200th video, I created a montage in Grand Theft Auto V, showing the unfolding of a day by visiting different locations at different times, with varying weather effects. Do check it out and enjoy!


I saw that, it’s pretty cool. Good work!


Nice job!!! I love these types of vids.


Thanks! The graphics are truly remarkable in GTA V! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I recently completed my Rise of the Tomb Raider playthrough on PC. It was done with no deaths, and without using survival instinct. All challenge tombs were completed in this playthrough. In addition, I took the stealth approach wherever the game allowed.

Below is the first mission, named ‘Mountain Peak’.

If you like the gameplay, do check out the remaining missions below.

Please note that this is more of a role-play, and not a speed run or completionist type of playthrough.


Just wanna shamelessly plug a new video that a put a lot of time editing. Would appreciate it if you checked it out!


This is probably the hardest thing I have done in a long time. Do watch in HD (1080p)!

Just Cause 3 - All Wingsuit Course Challenges (5 Gears)

EDIT: It’s a big video. Timeline for individual tours can be found in the video description.


Cool video! Just Cause 3 is such an awesome game! It’s like a giant Sapienza with its atmospheric Mediterranean vibes!


Thanks! Yes, it’s an amazing game! Love the massive explosions and chain reactions in particular. :wink: