Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely make it louder on the next one.
And thanks so much for checking it out.
EDIT: I think you’re right though, it could be a bit louder.


Thank you! I subbed to your channel too. I’ll be watching. :slight_smile:


Glad I could help, I also subbed :smile:


thanks again

I subbed to yours too.


Here’s my YouTube channel :open_hands: It’s not about Hitman though. But its about Magic (big surprise) :joy:

All though there are more videos on my Facebook page:


I subscribed to all channels on this thread. Looking forward to seeing your stuff.
And everyone, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing HITMAN community.


I think this Hitman Community deserves more than the other people who post “Kill the whole map” and they get 1 million views :sleepy:


:frowning: I’ll be your loyal watcher though mate


Cool! I connected my 2nd monitor, and think i solved the mic issues, so next stream should be alot better.


hitman blood money a ton, new hitman since its release. thanks if you like it.


i would recommend some hitman channels but you guys already did it. sub to all of them, they are amazing players.


CJ is great. He doesn’t stream much though. At least I haven’t seen him for a long time.


Here’s mine :smile:

I’m gonna upload some stuff tomorrow :smile:


@Fortheseven I saw your comments about the dislikes on your videos, what’s that all about?


I don’t know, my videos are shit i guess. Got used to it though.


Haha, don’t let it worry you bro. Your vids are great from what I’m seeing


Haha i’m not worried.



Hey guys! Here’s a link to my YT and then my Twitch where I stream only Hitman atm. Will definitely be checking out the peeps on here I don’t already sub/know. Take care guys!


Soo, i made a video of myself fooling around and doing parkour :smile:


Guards don’t like climbing in Marrakesh :wink: