Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


My Twitch…


Can’t wait to watch you full run this game Alex! Note: Give a heads up! I want to watch that live :open_mouth:


If you follow and turn on notifications, you’ll know anytime I go live. :wink: It’ll be fun to have you in chat with everybody else (Gule, Kotti, other CJ, Morten at IO, etc. Also, thanks @mendietinha for the follow tonight!)


sure! already did it!


Already followed! I watched your Absolution run :slight_smile: Just new to twitch, I’ll go check out the settings


Oh god, that run sucks, haha. I’ll hopefully have one like ten minutes faster soon if I ever get back to it.


It looked pretty good to me, because all I did in absolution was play it as a FPS, same in Blood money. I didn’t know how to get SA :joy:


Notifications through email? Screw that. Can I download a twitch app for a mac and get notifications that way?

Edit: Could you do live stream on youtube or no?
Edit: Ok I just made my email notify me every minute so I should be good lol


I’m gonna try to complete the Sapienza mission SA/SO (with the Absolution suit!) in about 15 minutes:


Most likely gonna stream tomorrow when the new escalation drops, if anyone is interested.


If you like the older Hitmans, I mostly post videos of custom missions. I’ve made it through C47, now working through the ones for H2. There’s a few hundred more custom missions left to go, so I won’t be done with the project for a few more years.


Was impressed followed on twitch and subbed…can’t wait to watch!

Edited to add-subbed to most of the YT’s and Twitchs posted can’t wait to watch ya’ll!


Thought this might be a good place to say that, for anyone who didn’t see my post in the ‘Introduce Yourself’ thread, if you need any art work created (for your youtube/twitch channels and shit) then please feel free to drop me a message and I will help you out, free of charge (unless it’s like a big project or something) for the Hitman community :sunglasses:


Wow, that’s a pretty nice thing to do :slight_smile:


Thats quite funny as I just spent 5 mins on PS just doing one :stuck_out_tongue:


Channel - Hitman from a COD addict lol I’ll probably be posting some Titanfall 2 & Infinite Warfare in the fall.


You should update the OP with all of these channels


Or I could Wiki the OP and everyone can do it :wink:

EDIT: There’s the links bit underneath the OP this has the whole collection


I see the links part, but it would be better if the OP had them all.

Besides, some people use different names for YT/Twitch and HMF. How do we know whose account it if if this is the case?


Ahh that’s true. What I’ll do is Wiki the OP and you can set up a format and add as many as you can see.