Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


again, guys. im working really hard on this game and im posting new stuff everyday. so, if you wanna see some new vids everyday (mostly :slight_smile: ) please sub me! i really appreciate! thank you so much!

with this new pc i can stream! so here it is: my twitch!


Here’s my channel guys,
full of fun Hitman glitch videos and escalation speed runs,

Although I’ll be updating it soon
with new faster speed runs now that the leaderboards are fixed


@mendietinha @danzo_rezno I’ve left the OP unlocked so anyone who wants to add their accounts to the top post can. :slight_smile:


Cool, I subscribed. :slight_smile:


Ahhh! MUNGA MUNGA MUNGA! Legend :+1:


I’m following! Looking forward to it.


I added all y’all, including you Munga :slight_smile:


Love your ET6 run :slight_smile: +1 sub

My channel :


I have also a YT Channel. The channel is specializing in Achievement / Trophies guides for nearly any new AAA game. For Hitman I have a lot of content on my channel :wink:


Thanks man! Subscribed! :slight_smile:


Anyone with a playthrought channel here? Would like to check it out! I also do playthroughts and all storymissions and SJ6 contracts from hitman with SA rating :slight_smile:


Added, check my playthroughs :slight_smile: Also I added your channel to the list in the first post


Huehue all these youtubers


Mine’s the best obviously :smirk:


No you are a terrible player :smirk:


Shame on you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, what have i said about using the trademark of @GuLe ? it’s cool but if everybody starts to use this, the coolness will disappear :cry:.


I can do what i want, I’m spoderman


hahaha true and @Quinn?


Cop my mixtape fam.


Chuck in the top