Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


So guys I found this new YouTube Channel, maybe you guys should check it out.

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Just tried to add MrFreeze2244 on my psn, not very friendly, suffice to say I unsubscribed to his YT channel


What happened? :confused:


He gets very defensive very fast. Dunno whats wrong with him. He had the same with me and cj.

Well you can always sub to me:smirk:


I added his psn and he mailed asking why I added him, I said for hitman mates but if it’s not cool I’ll unsubscribe, so he just said OK good


I’ve already sub’d dude :+1:


I’ve seen him be a total dick to a number of people on here and YouTube. Not cool. It’s especially ridiculous to see him get offended by advice from vastly superior players.


Shots fired…


I’ve got a channel, I do videos for whatever games I play. Got Hitman stuff of course, but some other stuff too like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Uncharted 4 and the newest Star Ocean. My channel is more of a guide/help channel than anything.


:smiley: there you are! I use your walkthroughs all the time, i even post some of them here, hope that’s ok, i usally write borrowed from [user names]


I’m going to do my “choose your challenge” vid on Tuesday for the summer bonus content, then a Discovery livestream Tuesday night of the new maps. Took off work Wednesday, so I’ll try to pump out some challenge/mastery vids. On Thursday I’ll do another one-and-done no restart livestream of the Elusive target. Both livestreams will happen around 7ish PM Eastern time.

Questions: Has it been confirmed that this bonus content has it’s own set of trophies, and level Mastery?


I made them to help people, so feel free of course!


I have lost you as a sub mate. Im sad now, not cool:(


No shots fired. It’s just that literally no one has any right to be a dick to a player like cjgarof. He is vastly superior to basically everyone, myself included.

Must have happened when YouTube accidentally deleted a bunch of people’s gaming subs this past month. I’ll resub!


Ye but besides cj being the God in hitman, he is also a very nice guy. Dont see how you can get into a fight with him.

Also <3


Wow. Just wow. :expressionless:


New challenges and unlocks (Weapons/Gear) as far as I remember reading

Edit: Just read on the blog it’s only new challenges and opportunities, no unlocks i think :frowning:


I know man, I’m just joking around. I think we’ve all experienced what you’re talking about.


Thank you so much.
I’m flattered.


Is that YT or PSN? :slight_smile: