Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


I’ve heard there are unlocks. I believe it was in one of the E3 interviews. Besides, we can see a remote CX demo block in the Icon trailer.


Since Munga is on Xbox, it’s probably not PSN :stuck_out_tongue:


What about trophies, I didn’t read anything on that.


Haha YouTube, I don’t have a custom URL :frowning:

My psn is danzo_rezno :slight_smile:


@VanillaBeast I don’t know about challenges but @WRP_Beater is right it was in the e3 stream about new unlocks :smiley:


Also challenges without unlocks would be kind of stupid. We know people like @GTAJJ need some kind of reward to something :wink:


But I need trophies too obviously :wink:

My time needs something :stuck_out_tongue:


Was about to add my channel but noticed it’s already in the OP! thanks for that!

Expect videos of the Summer’s Bonus Episode tomorrow!


Same here. I have to remember that the director/actor’s outfit is bulletproof.


Not explosive proof though :wink:


Or Lancer-proof


The lancer uses bullets. The devs made a point to say it is COMPLETELY bulletproof. However, we shall see, Oroku Saki!


Does anyone have a countdown for the Summer Bonus Episode?


Errr. No. Maybe. 2 secs :’)


They said between 11am - 1pm UTC, I think.


So in 8-10 hours from now?

The Summer Bonus Episodes released in...Countdown


Unlike the Elusive Targets, there is no time frame for release. Depending upon where you live, let’s hope it is “before you hit Wednesday.”



^^Then I need to get my ass to bed