Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Hi guys!

First, I’m from germany and my english languages skills are not the best. So sorry for any mistakes :slight_smile:

I have created in the last couple of weeks some video guides for all level 5 Escalations. All videos are walkthroughs / guides and not speedruns or something like that. The videos are without any voiceover. You see at the beginning my loadout and then my way to solve the level 5 of the specific Escalation.

Here is the playlist link with all vids ( I can’t post here all links because I’m a new user^^ )

If you are interest on my content or guides for nearly any AAA game, take a look into my channel. As example, I have a full Hitman Absolution hard walkthrough incl all collectibles online :wink:

If you have any question, ask me.


a mod moved my “all escalation video guide” post in this thread. No idea why? Makes absolutely no sense…


Hey nice with some guides for the escalations :slight_smile:

You can edit your link and just type

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Easier for everyone to click :slight_smile:
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So on another note I added you guys to the first post/list @GKPunk @360GameTV @Hardware @K.Korner
Subbed to all too :slight_smile: Will stream some Bonus Mission play soon, challenge hunting and the like, first, a toke…


I also subbed all these channels, just like the rest of them :grinning:


I sincerely apologise to anyone ive annoyed on here in the past. It’s never my intention to anger someone else intentionally. I’m not a bad guy. I’ve had a really bad day today and things have gotten to me alot more today and reacted badly to messages in this thread and im sorry for that guys.

I do truly want to help people and i do care, sometimes too much but please don’t take the things i say personally. That is never my intention.

I hope that everyone can forgive me and can move on from this. This kinda thing really does affect me more than people know. I’m sorry.


Guys. Please stop turning this thread into a “vs MrFreeze2244” No one needs that. Anything after this post disregarding the thread will be flagged. Thanks :slight_smile:



Playing Slenderman HOME ALONE! :open_mouth:

Make sure to check out my channel :smiley:


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What’s my prize?


I will double-check every post i’m about to post for errors, so they won’t piss you off anymore




Now you have 101 :slight_smile:


Attempting a SASO run on A House Built On Sand live :+1:


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There ya go


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Cool dude! Good luck. I just streamed for 7 hours, im going to bed