Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


I just checked out your channel and i subbed. Nice videos man, you are much better than me.


He got ban already lol what a dumbass


I would post my channel, but I’m not sure anyone would like it. It’s just me petting my cat


Are they Freshhh cats?


@mendietinha @mungadungalis
That man is most definitely possessed by the devil. Also Youtube is possessed by the devil, since it doesn’t let me cut out the last second.


hahaha so good!

hey guys, i need one more to get 200 subs! can somebody help me with that? really appreciate :slight_smile:


No not before i get there:(


you will get way over there, mate <3


Maybe you little beast. If i ever become as good as you


you are too kind <3 you are one of the best players in the world!


Someone’s gotta tell ya. Yer acting really strange…
State of the nation man.
I hate mimes.


Been meaning to sort out a channel for a while but haven’t had the time.

Finally got something basic in place today. :smile:

Subscribed to all the people here posting good things across the platforms, and would like to get subscribed to as many of the other console guys as possible that I haven’t already.

No real plans for it other than to post Hitman content for now, then Deus Ex and other third-person stealth/shooters down the line (and more than likely some FIFA or PES when they drop in a month or two).


Add mine please if you’d be so kind


Hey guys.

We have a bunch of YouTube players of Hitman and other games, most notably speedrunners like @Kotti and @AlexNiedt, but I’m sure there are more people out here who have channels and produce videos. This space is for you to discuss production of gameplay videos, speedruns, walkthroughs, challenges, etc., whether Hitman related or totally unrelated. Feel free to plug your channel here too, but try not to make all your comments about yourself.

So, to kick things off - here’s a discussion question for you guys. What capture software do you use? Personally I really like ShadowPlay, except for the fact that it doesn’t record OpenGL/Vulkan games like Doom. The performance impact is minimal compared to FRAPS and Bandicam, both of which I used to use, and the shadow record feature is pretty neat. I’ve also heard OBS is great but I haven’t tried it.


I just like to stuff entertaining :slight_smile:


I saw some of you guys actually subbed to me. I really appreciate the support. Thank you for that! :slight_smile:


Appreciate the positive comments on some of my videos recently from people I consider very good players.

I’ve been on the FIFA Beta plus Deus Ex in the past week or two, but am constantly drawn back to trying new things on this game, to the point where I sold Deus Ex after a couple of levels despite loving Human Revolution (because it’s just not going to get play time at this juncture).

With that in mind, instead I’ll be working on a little project to get Top 5 leaderboard finishes in all Escalations and Featured Contracts through to the end of S1, plus uploading runs of the XB1 community contracts posted here as well as any Elusives; and just some other random shiz along the way too.

The Escalations, Featureds, and Player Created Contracts have their own playlist if you’re looking for anything specific, and I’m looking to get at least one video uploaded a day.

No great ambitions for the channel. Our daughter is really into Minecraft, so we’re learning Elgato and the whole making videos/uploading process together. I’m hoping at some point she’ll teach me how to use some editing software to get some longer and Hitman montage-type content made; that though, I would imagine, is something for a lot further down the line. :joy:

Drop by if it’s of interest; if it isn’t that’s all good too. :wink:


thats my little and alone channel


No YT or Twitch streaming, but I write about my escapades here:
I hope my post is allowed? :slight_smile:


Here is my brand spanking new channel. Let’s see what happens