10 Featured Contracts: 11 May 2018


I Need the Bathroom [Hokkaido]: @Remedy
Sapper Stalker Drummer Spy [Bangkok]: @Spods
American Haunting [Colorado]: MaD DoGz 83
Band of Blackguards II [Paris]: @Jacob_Marlowe
The Swedish Infiltration [Marrakesh]: OfficialNovax
The Great Virus Robbery [Sapienza]: @Silverballer
Nighty Letally [Marrakesh by Night]: @scm97tl
Closed! [Sapienza by Sunset / Landslide]: @Pagan
Scorpio [Sapienza]: @Ed_ll3
Prostate Exam [Hokkaido]: @_AnoMade

It was a really tough job selecting ten, but I felt that this batch of contracts offered a good balance of freedom and challenge. We’re lucky to have so many amazing contract creators in our ranks. I hope the creators are pleased with the contracts I picked and I hope that everyone else enjoys playing them. Good hunting, 47s. :sunglasses:

I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re played and, as I mentioned in the interview, if you think any of them are too easy, then dazzle us with some of your magic.


Congratulations everyone!
I’m eager to try these out tonight.


love you <3


Congrats Euler! Looks like a good selection. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably my most interested one.


@Euler13 Awww. You didn’t forget of your beary cool bear buddy.



And a beary cool contract it is too, my friend. It’s a contract I played a long time ago that stuck with me. Really well chosen targets giving you the chance to visit so many parts of Marrakesh by night, yet allowing complete freedom of approach.


I’m curious to see your difficulty rating for them.


Sick contract by @_AnoMade Nice pick @Euler13


Simple but efficient, great pick @Euler13 :+1:


I didn’t expect my contract to be chosen, so big thanks for that @Euler13
I think these may be the best curator selected contracts so far, exceptional job on that. You have definitely put lots of pressure on the next month curator!


Cheers, @_AnoMade. I really loved your contract. The targets were so well placed and showed such imagination. Like some of the other contracts I chose, it works so well because it can be played and enjoyed by two different skill levels. It’s a speed runners dream, but it’s as hard as hell and is going to take all your skills to get all five without messing up. Similarly, for less skilled player who are willing to take their time, it’s still going to be a challenge, but silent assassin is possible. And for some newer players, that must be very satisfying.


It’s a nice mix. Some of these are vintage Xbox contracts, and it’s been great revisiting those ones for fun for the last couple of hours (to see how they’ve stood up to the test of time).




Just played very few of them but grinded The Great Virus Robbery for a few hours and got a nice rekky. :slight_smile: Will not post the run the next days to not spoil a fast strat. If all contracts are this open for different approaches I will have my fun!



thanks mate for picking one mines! i hope everyone enjoy!


@_AnoMade @Euler13 good contract and good choice! :grin:

“Prostate Exam” SA 1m38s


Just had a ludicrous amount of fun by playing “Prostate Exam” featured contract, spent 2 hours creating and perfecting the route I liked.

My gear: Cowboy outfit, Striker, Fiber Wire and ICA explosive phone.

Personal modifiers: Suit only, no KOs, no scramblers, each kill should utilize ICA Phone in any manner.

Result: 2 Striker kills (incl. 1 Striker push over railing), Fiber Wire kill, 2 Accident kills (Fall Accident and Drowning Accident).

When it all came together, it felt sooooooo good.

Thanks, @Euler13, for choosing this contract!