10 Featured Contracts: 11 May 2018


Euler, I’m touched and delighted that you chose one of my Contracts. Thank you so much, my friend. :o)

I’m also utterly ecstatic that you were chosen to choose! You are a pure, committed, imaginative, and innovative player and Contract creator. And you are also a thoroughly decent, articulate, and charming person who is always a pleasure to chat with. I’m so pleased that you were selected and it was a joy to find out a bit more about you.

I’ve not played for a while, so thank you for giving me the inspiration to get back on there. Have a fab weekend. :o)


"I Need The Bathroom!" SA/SO 1m43s @Remedy

another good contract :smiley:


I’d prefer not to share my actual scores because it’s hugely subjective and might cause a riot, but I can tell you a bit of the process.

There are a number of reasons why people don’t get a five star silent assassin rating. I imagine a lot of players have a more casual relationship with the game and they just like to try a contract, go with whatever happens, then move on. Other players will replay it a few times and eventually get it or give up. Similarly, players get SA rating if the contract was easy or they persisted. Then this is complicated because “easy” becomes subjective, depending on your skill level.

So I went through a load of other featured contracts and noted the number of people that had played them versus the number who had obtained a five star silent assassin rating. I felt that there was some correlation between the proportion who achieve SA and the difficulty. Or was this more to do with how interesting the contract was?

I tried to find good matches between my candidates and current featured contracts and used that as some type of index. This was only a partial indicator.

The main indicator, however, was based on my personal knowledge of the maps. I had an opinion of which sections of which maps and targets that were going to be challenging or easy. Each target received a rating. Obviously this is quite subjective. By taking into account that contracts requiring you to string together more successful take-downs would increase the overall difficulty, this allowed me to get an overall score.

However, as I explained in my post above to @_AnoMade, I was looking for contracts that could be played by two types of player: skilled and casual. Skilled players will quickly figure out a good route and replay it over and over to optimise and produce insanely good times. Yet if the balance of targets was right, then more casual players would not be completely put off by just missing out on SA on their first run and would be encouraged to retry until they get it.

So this further complicated the difficulty rating because if you take your time and use a cautious approach, then it might be seen as an not too difficult. But to use Prostate Exam as an example, if you want to get a crazy good time, then it’s a tricky contract.

Bottom line, though, my main criteria for selection was ensuring a good balance of location and contract type. The difficulty index had some influence on my interpretation of contract type.


@Spods @_AnoMade


Great run @Pagan

Here’s mine :

I take a lot of fun with this batch, I propose that Euler13 becomes the default curator each month in addition to another, sounds a good idea :smiley:


That’s very kind, but it was quite a stressful experience. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoyed the contracts you’ve played. Some very impressive runs, too. When I watched this one I saw your The Swedish Infiltration in the side bar. :clap:


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
Sadly the contract is broken on ps4, i can’t start it anymore. Any solutions?


RIP @Urben’s streak again Kappa


My streak ended long ago, and I seem to be not very popular among all curators. :smiley:
Still with such nice contracts I can easily get over that.

I am again on the Sapi contract with the three targets, have to get my rekky back with even more insane action!


Prostate Exam 1:25

@_AnoMade @Euler13


Also, forgot to mention, credits to the beast @C2H6O for the lamp spot.


That was a restart at the end.


Yea, I was like fuck it, I felt I had grinded enough already lol


@GuLe restrats even for stutter steps. Be like gule :rofl:



HITMAN | Featured Contract | American Haunting | Silent Assassin

Very nice pickups @Euler13, i liked 10/10. This batch was great!


Great contract @Silverballer, really enjoyed this one. My favorite one in this top notch batch :cowboy_hat_face::ok_hand:
HITMAN | Featured Contract | The Great Virus Robbery | Silent Sniper Assassin


this game keeping make me cancer

@Travis_IOI does your dev team even think about broken and wide view cones?
or you gonna keep saying nothing about this?


It’s in the suggestion box. But all (view cones) complaints are forwarded to the IOI’s Black Hole Department, a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no suggestion can escape.


i know it but they dont do anything, no explanations. they rather keep silent about this. that crap makes this game almost unplayable.
its emergecy to fix it. i cant play contracts with those bugs :frowning: