10 Featured Contracts: 11 May 2018


I think that was some other bug not the view cone but either way it’s equally frustrating. There’s another annoying bug (objects colliding mid air) which makes me want to uninstall this game.


Nice that is also my strat but if my modification works I will beat that time easily :joy:


Very nice job on ‘Scorpio’ @Hardware. Thanks for giving it a run!


and this is before GOTY update

it’s just going to stay like that at this point, with this removed i would jump back and play way more honestly.


This video feels not like it is today, the detection is WAY slower, even when holding a gun.
Although Pagan’s video is how it is now sadly.


my point was that if the viewcone was not fixed/removed before GOTY it won’t be touched now.


Have you found a way to kill the lab guy in the basement (Without luring him upstairs) ?
I tried that before and i couldn’t find the sweet spot were he is unseen from the gardener (It worked 1 time of 40 tries…)


I’ve not played many Colorado contracts recently, and certainly not played one like this in a while. :smile:





That was a sick run Pagan mate!


The Swedish Infiltration - Suit Only (5.33) & Speed Run (2.15)


I need the Bathroom (SA) Xbox


Audio/video out of sync due to increasing unreliability of Xbox DVR.

American Haunting 3:37.


Flipping heck, that was impressive work. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people have done with this contract as I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever played in terms of being really well designed, tons of freedom, ridiculously difficult, but immensely rewarding when you get it right.

Regarding the audio-sync. Up to quite recently I thought that I was the only one. I had done countless searches and no one seemed to be reporting it in recent times. I don’t know what you’re recording on, but I was getting it randomly. Some times it recorded fine, other times it was out-of-sync. However, I fixed the problem by getting a fast, high quality USB 3.0 memory stick. I’m sure there are others out there, but I went for this one:

I think the quality of the product and the write speeds of 4 MB/s (150 MB/s read) gives it the edge. I’ve not had any audio-sync issues since using it.


Thank you for the advice, do you just plug this one straight into the Xbox? Usually I upload it to the onedrive and download it from there. More often than not the DVR is fine but recently it’s been playing up, you ask to record the last five minutes, you get thirty seconds, that sort of thing so I’m not surprised that it went pear-shaped this time. I would use my elgato but it’s temperamental at best, after five years or so I’m not surprised.


I just plug my memory stick into the USB port at the front (I don’t think it matters which one) and I can record up to 1 hour. I’ve got the XB1X, so I could record at 4K, but I have it set to 1080. You can record as many 1 hour segments (or less) as you want. But if you’ve been recording for about 45 minutes you need to be mindful that it will stop recording when it hits 60 minutes. I always dread getting that perfect run, just as it hits the 1 hour mark. If in doubt, I stop recording and start again. Then I take my memory stick to my PC and chop out the bits I want; I use a piece of free software called Avidemux.


The xboxox doesn’t have a video editor already?


That’s fair enough. Thank you for the response.

Now that I’ve done all the contracts, I have to say, it is a fantastic selection. One of the best we’ve had in months. I was kinda dreading the American Haunting one but it was really well designed and didn’t have the usual tedium that scarecrow contracts usually have. Kudos to Euler and all the creators.


It does and it’s not too bad, but as far as I know it can only be used for captures on the Xbox. So I’m not sure if I could use it with footage on an external device, which is what you need to use if you want to record up to one hour. But to be honest, I prefer working with the video on a PC with a mouse and the facility to easily drag and drop video segments. I’m also unaware of the current ability to upload directly to YouTube, but, again, I like to upload my YouTube videos via the PC as it is easier to work with a proper keyboard and mouse. I’m sure for mobile device whizzes, like you, you’d be at home with the built-in video editor and make impressive clips in no time.