10 Featured Contracts (6 July 2018)


Asking for Roberto: @YupThatTastedPurple
One Of Those Face-Burnt: @Urben
Sun-drenched Town: @theWizard
Who Needs Surnames Anyway?: @TheChicken
Colletti Files #3: Midnight in Paris: @rattleshnake
Internal Affairs (Version II): @Kodachrome64
Babes in Blue: Euler13
Four Foyer Fatalities: Euler13
The Honest Chaps: @CHAOS_AGENT_45
Snipe Style: @ArjabRoy

Congratulations to everyone that got featured. :clap:
Looking forward to seeing some lessons in how to play Hitman. :wink:


I didn’t make Snipe Style, @ArjabRoy did.


Thanks for the heads, up, Bendy. I changed it, but you’ve been credited in the briefing. It says,


I’ll have to talk to clemens about it


Congrats to Euler for 2x and my fellow mates, this batch has lots of varieties. Great job by Clemens this time around :+1:


Just feature on of your contracts and say it was made by Clemens. That will make you even lol.


Very well said :rofl:


I’ve done almost all of them on stream, congrats to those who got featured! I share them here as I slowly cut them from the big stream vod lol

Here’s Internal Affairs


I spent all my time trying to go sub one minute on Asking for Roberto after getting into the 200ks, only to be foiled by a phantom spotting I could never get to the bottom of :angry:

I did manage to discover a weird bug though where trying to kick someone into the water immediately after vaulting down will sometimes result in 47 magically returning to the pre-vault point with victim in tow and throwing them over the railing instead. I guess he’s auditioning for Dishonored or something.


…Holy Shit.
I… whu-… This… me?.. My first feature!

@Clemens_IOI, you kidding me? I am both humbled and honoured to be featured.
I guess this reinforces the fact that my Surnames contract is one of the better ones I’ve done, as I do think it is. Better than other people’s? Idk man… Thank you so much though.
It does make the player think about routes… buuut that’s the only quality of my contract, really hehe.

Can’t wait to see how many people tolerate/hate it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not the way I intended it but still… 40s SA/SO - Asking for roberto


Does anyone know the exact trigger point when 47 disguised as Portman can enter the restricted area?


I just run into it. If you dont stop, the entry guards wont catch you via headturns. Dont bump them. By the time you reach the hospital you should be allowed to be there, or maybe just a few secs later.

But remembering your experience from the Icon contract, it might be different. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not different, but I’m definitely missing a trick here.
If you approach the two guards, they go into alert sentry mode and tell you that you’re not allowed to go through. But once the announcement comes over the loud-speaker you can get past. You’ll still be trespassing, but as long as you don’t get caught with a random head turn, you’re through. However, the rest of the place remains hostile. If you go too far forward too quickly, then it never changes, but there seems to be some threshold that, if you wait behind, after a period of (unknown?) time you’re no longer considered to be trespassing. I think it’s somewhere near the door that goes into the garden (with the camera outside), but I can’t be sure. Any ideas?


The hostile place ends with the end of KAI’s message. It is quite long so you might wonder, but I was trespassing many times and still became “legal” after the message.

I did not catch the entry guards telling me to stop, I guess with the message starting they dont stop you. I think they might bother you longer if you ran into them too early because the phase of them blocking you has priority over changed clearance. Just dont let yourself be seen trespassing.


Here’s an unlisted video showing what happens. You may want to skip parts of it, as I left whole sections in.


Weill why the middle floor guards keep seeing you as trespasser is beyond me but I dont see much problems here as long you wait a bit at the entrance.

Changing clearance is surely a thing which was too rarely used to work perfectly in this game.


Mr. Jason Portman, a doctor…
Wait until that line is said by KAI and you can pass them :wink:


Does that give you clearance in the rest of the medical wing too?


Speed way, not very creative ^^