10 Featured Contracts (6 July 2018)


Room for another burnt face? :grin:

Not been feeling contracts as much the last month or so; inevitable for many in the twilight of S1 I guess. This, however, was a beauty.


Done as Ninja. :man_shrugging::joy:




Four Foyer Fatalities | Still editing them in from the stream, early runs. I’m one of those people who reads briefings, so it was a funny one @Euler13


No ninja exit? Gj tho :joy:


That’s your fauit. Doctor said I shouldn’t wear any kind of mask after the bandages came off for at least 24 hrs. :rofl:


You could have waited that 24 hours in the bathroom. :stuck_out_tongue:


True. New video incoming.


Sun drenched town with some slick sniping. :grin:


Four Foyer Fatalities
Thanks @Euler13,that was a fun one :slight_smile::purple_heart:


Roberto with Striker from safehouse rooftop


Sun-drenched Town SA/SO

PS: Winter Suit in Sapi. Man’s not hot


That was great!!

Do you have a lot of vids/runs saved? Cuz your vid skips and I’ve noticed that when you HDD is low on saved vids, it doesn’t skip. Not sure if that’s the reason, but since now I keep my saved vids to no more than 5 before deleting them all, I hardly ever experience skips anymore. Even if a run is 20+ mins.


Thank you!
The problem is Hitman Sniper Assassin. I’m still in progress of testing strategies and record them. The videos are all about 13 min. I still delete stuff but when more than 40 GB are saved as videos i get skips of hell. I had to re-record this video 5x cause there skips of 12 seconds, a whole kill is unrecorded. But every restart was 2 seconds faster, so it’s ok :relaxed:


Sun-drenched Town - Suit Only (2:19)

@theWizard: I had a lot of fun with this. I’ve been playing it for the past couple of days trying out so many different routes.


This was the first time I tried to figure out how to use a breaching charge to move weapons around the map, lots of fun screwing around



I see you found a way to get Aldo without the gamble headturn kill. Will be stealing it, thanks. :wink:


Feel free to use it. The price you pay is about 7 seconds against the risky direct shot, but I’d estimate that it has over a 95% success rate regardless of how much time has elapsed since the contract has started. If the gardener is looking towards the target, then the first shot, that causes the target to investigate the sound, triggers the gardener to turn to face towards the car; the kill-shot is far enough away from the gardener that he doesn’t hear it; and the target is just enough out-of-sight of the bodyguard on the veranda who is leaning against the wall and usually sees you take the shot. If it does fail, then it might be you’re taking the shot at a point in the contract when the bodyguard is walking along the veranda towards his spot where he leans against the wall or talks to his buddy. The other issue is taking the kill shot too quickly. Maybe the gardener is still moving to his position by the car? If you wait until the target turns to look towards you, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the gardener. Also, make sure you don’t shoot too close to the ivy on the wall. If the target moves too far to the right, then he will get caught in the tree as he goes over the wall.


face burnt 2:23