10 Featured Contracts (6 July 2018)


That was a good face burnt. Now do ass burnt.


This is an older video from when it was on the forum

Sun-Drenched Town


Snipe Style

SA/SO/!KO :wink:


I can’t watch it. I haven’t played it yet as I don’t watch runs of contracts I don’t play. I’ll try it later tonight then watch you vid. :+1:


Internal Affairs (Version II) (1:47)

I normally avoid insta-fail contracts, but this one was so well thought out that it really interested me. Good contract, @Kodachrome64. :+1:



Sun drenched town | Xbox


Snipe Style - Shabby 47 vs Smooth 47

0:00 Shabby 47 (2.45)
3:34 Smooth 47 (3.59)

@ArjabRoy: Trying to figure out a no knock-out route for Smooth was a perfect little puzzle. I loved this contract! :heart:


It feels kind of strange doing my own contract, but I did this video before it was featured and I’d completely forgotten about it until today. So I thought I’d share it…

Four Foyer Fatalities - Shabby 47 vs Smooth 47

0:00 Shabby Accidents + Poison (2.02)
2:48 Smooth Pistol Punisher (1.15)


You should always do your own contract, that way you’ll really know if it’s to your standard or not. But that’s just my philosophy.


Thanks @Euler13. Like I mentioned on your YouTube channel, this is a brilliant video. It helps those of us fine tune and re-think our strategy and approach to a contract. :heart::heart::heart::heart: