10 New Featured Contracts - 8th June 2018


@theWizard @Urben @thepunisher @YupThatTastedPurple @ArjabRoy @Wesker @Force_Obscure @GKPunk And me…


This batch is terrible in my opinion but thanx anyways Atmosphere :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats to all the people who got featured!


Thanks Travis for featuring not one of my suggested top-quality ones but a trending troll contract :smiley: Eh I forgive you, I bet you were drunk the last days. Shame on you if you weren’t. Not because of the pick but because you guys had an occasion with the S2 stuff!

Congratz to all others!


None of my picks, good.


Ben just nailed it! :joy:


I totally agree :face_vomiting:


I didn’t expect that but thanks guys!


Oh I got featured again! Appreciate it Travis! That’s one plus good news besides the announcement of HITMAN 2! :rofl:


@Travis_IOI Did you guys forget to push the button? They are not out on PC and AFAIK on console as well.


I wonder if Travis is still picking Featured Contracts or if Clemens has picked up the job? I assume that Clemens is gonna be taking over the role when Travis takes his time off.


I just saw these appear on Xbox One and completed “The Human Trafficker”… now they’ve all vanished. The only one I can find is the one I’ve just completed (and I can only find that one though “My History”) - have they been removed?


yes,it’s very strange


I didn’t think mine would make it because it is pretty tedious. But hey, I’ll take anything. :smiley: that means thanks.


Thanks for getting featured again, i kinda knew, that the Bravuomo Incident might get featured as its a fun non linear contract ^^


I might just spend a day playing all the featured contracts and see how many I can get through.


PC user here, contracts disappeared for me too.


You can still play them if you played them before they dissapeared, by going to your history.
Still weird though


Yes, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

It so happens that with more than 320 featured contracts, our release pipeline is having some issues pushing new batches out.
We tried to use a workaround, which is why they shortly appeared, but saw some unexpected trouble and had to pull them off from the featured list again.

It was late to find an alternate solution, so we had to leave them unpublished for the weekend.

We will solve the issue for good next week, please be patient :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know, I was going insane trying to find them again XD