10 New Featured Contracts - 8th June 2018




Enjoyed this one. :+1: @Force_Obscure

e: Same shiz but SO

Shame the guard started calling in every coin.


HITMAN - Last Twitch - (1:52)


HITMAN - Photobomb - (0:36)


Last Twitch 1:30



Here’s Mark Parker


Last twitch SO with No KOs. Interesting contract.


Sloppy execution on first target but I actually got Soders as well with that so I’ll take it:


Overall this installment of contracts is weak.

There are a couple I enjoyed playing, the Tomochika/Yamazaki Rivalry is my favourite ever contract, but beyond that, the majority of these contracts seem to be “abuse our poorly written AI”. Coining it in, in particular, feels that way.



Glad you enjoyed it! I had fun creating that one. :+1:


First time getting a contract featured!

Thanks :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Nude Twins (Xbox ) @ArjabRoy


Last Twitch SA/SO (Xbox)


Photobomb 0:32

The Tomochika/Yamazaki Rivalry (SO) 1:19

Nude Twins 1:06


The Human Trafficker w/o fetch trick.


Can’t wait for @GuLe’s batch. Get back into action after an average batch is like :


So then do something interesting. :man_shrugging::joy: