10 New Featured Contracts (8th September)


These goons had it coming. Wearing those silly shirts.

Floral Sunshine


Also Floral Sunshine, a little bit slower. (surely because running uphill is harder :smiley: )

The run is a bit boring for my terms but the time seems to be competitive. So here it is. :slight_smile:


Running downhill gave me the clear edge in this contract. #gitgudmate



At my feet, on my sheet 0:50


A Crossed Swords Puzzle - SA 2:27

The Man in the High Castle - Penta Explosion Kill SA 1:55

@ILikeGAMESish is this the intended solution :wink:


Where do they pick contracts from now?


That is one of many intended solutions, great run man! :smiley:


Yay! Second Feature! :smiley:


I tried zigzagging the map for this; sure it’s possible and will get done, but I took the scenic route in the end.

Crouching Ninja, Hidden Hitman

Quite difficult to get hype for this batch after Mendie’s selection (having played a fair few of these already). I did go back and have another go at this though:

A Fruitful Endeavour


A Crossed Swords Puzzle - 1:44


Love this contract @JetBlackIris Congrats on the feature.



#teamo_o beats #teamsprut woops!!


So after getting screwed by the legshots I took a different approach to the shed guy.

@Ed_ll3 I was watching your run while uploading because I saw you have almost the same time and we indeed had almost the same idea. Your route varies a bit though. Btw i think you don’t need the BC throw when you abort the cut-scene faster.

A Fruitful Endeavour 1:28


Nice run and throw. :slight_smile:

I did take out Berg without using a second BC in the run before this was featured, but from the other side which made the results hit-and-miss (as he’d often be just out of range by then). Tbh it hadn’t crossed my mind to throw from that side, and it looks like it works well.

On watching your video, I was wondering if you could maybe wait in the cut-scene longer and stash the duck in the truck, and still arrive at the same point to get Berg? If it works, it might take a few more seconds off the time.


Will try that. Also have an idea for the first kill. When I throw a FE + Ducker I could maybe save a couple seconds because I don’t have to run up to the first target.

And yes the Berg throw is consistent once you got the angle figured out


Thanks man - and great run! :slight_smile:


It really was one of the best contracts I ever played :slight_smile:


Yay! I got one! Enjoy!

I’m trying the Crossed Swords Puzzle in a bit.


Matching Accidents

I gotta say this run took me at least 3 days. :persevere: