10 New Featured Contracts (8th September)


A Crossed Swords Puzzle 1:28


Love is in The Air (1:17)

Floral Sunshine (53s)

Also I did this one in 40s before it was featured hueheuh


You linked Floral Sunshine 2 times hueeuue


Oops, fixed!


Crouching Ninja, Hidden Hitman - SA 3:47



Probably the three most satisfying headshots I done in this game. Game keeps getting sicker and sicker (for me).
This is a contract that can Literally be done in a Thousand ways. It’s a good one.

The Man in the High Castle 0:40

@Nakar :slight_smile:



Stunning run! Thanks for playing it and I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley:


Look @Urben
Dropped a body and a few items at/near my feet, do I get coolpoints for that? The wrench toss also counts as a At my Feet :wink:
Or did I take it too literal?


Nice! :wink: Note that nothing can be taken too literal!
Btw this contract was not chosen by Munga, his contract still have to come up. It is a regular featured.


Thanks for actually reading my elaborate description :stuck_out_tongue:


A Crossed Swords Puzzle SA (1:21)

IOI pls remove the lamp below the sabers kthxbye.


After attempting the “Love is in the air” featured contract, I got bodies found in my score,
but then I saw others do it on YouTube (GuLe for one).
My only question is why would they not shoot the targets right away?
The targets were sitting on the dock?
I can only assume that was to cause a distraction, so no one sees the crime or


There’s 3 people that can see the targets, the strat consist in making all 3 of them look away, shooting the target and making them fall to the water before the 3 potential witnesses turn around.


It’s for distraction.

Gule used sniper shots near the guard and people sitting, I used breaching charge near the guard cuz i’m not ninja like him.

The hardest part is to shoot both in a way to hide the bodies in the water, if you just shot and they still lay there like inanimate cadavers, the bodies gonna be found.

After like 142 tries i got SA.


solid strat. BC is to make them turn around while shooting the targets. Make a near field test to get a feeling for your time window until they turn back

…and aim on the womens feet. audio distractor is contra productiv caus it also makes the blue crew guy turn around and then he sees the kills


There’s a consistent way to make them both fall and it only costs like 1 second

I did it like that before it was featured


I watched your video, tried to do same way, but not always they fell in the water =/
Master timing in runs like you do is insane. congratz


So that made them both fall?


It significantly increases the chance of the girl falling to the water too, the guy always falls since he’s sitting on the edge, it’s all about ragdoll physics.


My run for At My Feet, On My Sheet pistol kills only