10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 11th 2017)


New featured contracts!
Congratulations to all who were featured!!


@Urben what is the streak now? 5? 6?

Edit: @Euler13 @D1NGdong @JetBlackIris @ILikeGAMESish @theWizard I think you guys are also all featureds, so congratulations!


Oh really? Which one of mine? I haven’t checked yet.

Oh, And congrats to everyone else who got featured. I gotta take a look at these plus the curated ones too.

Edit, nevermind. Saw it. My vampire blood one. Hehe. Thanks @Travis_IOI. That’s awesome.


The curated ones arrive later this month, according to this.

Doesn’t give an exact date so I’m not quite sure.


Six :smiley: If I am super lucky mendie will raise it too.
Thanks for chosing me! Didn’t thought to see Silver Lining featured some day. It is quite open for many strats, still quite hard. I wonder what you guys will do with it!
Gratz to the others!


The Lang Kiss Goodnight, one of my earliest contracts! :blush: Thanks IOI.

A note about this contract: forget about the score, forget about timing, speedrunning it and getting SA/SO (although that’s possible in, like, 3 mins).

Instead, read the mission briefing, and try and imagine getting into the ambiance of the mission. Try and pull off the hit in the most stylish way possible. Don’t run. Make sure you aren’t spotted. Pay attention to the briefing: Imagine that the mission auto-fails if you don’t kill Lang while she is on the catwalk!

I’m glad they picked one of mine that’s a bit different. Maybe they just love my punny titles?? :grin:


Nothing spectacular but at least I completed your contract (@AGENT4T7) in sub 2 min :smile:


The Lang Kiss Goodbye SA - 1:35:



Thank you for featuring Backstage Pass IOI!

EDIT: And obviously congrats to all others who got featured!


Bending_Cheese67, this is Diana.

You’ve failed the mission and the client is furious. I suggest you go dark for a while, the ICA does not look upon failure kindly…



How did I fail it? huheue


You didn’t read the mission briefing, which clearly stated that Lang was to be taken out, publicly, on the catwalk, in full view of the crowd, per the client’s stipulation.


(But other than that good job) :wink:


Even if I had read the briefing, I would have attempted SA, because I don’t like non SA runs. Sorry.


I did. :slight_smile:


Vampire Blood - SA 5:51:


Congratulations to all those picked. Love this community.


Great job!!! And that’s a lot of disguise changes. Loved the part when your controller died. Haha. Never seen anyone have that in their vids. Bonus points for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did it all VM and never swapped out. But your strat was pretty damn good for those disguise changes. :+1:


I cut out the 3 minutes of me looking for the wire huehue


Oh, so I have to add that to the final time. So technically you got 8:51. I’ll let Travis know so he could update the leaderboards with your correct time.