10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 11th 2017)


Don’t tell him, he might reset the leaderboards and you will loose your precious The Cyclist Rekky huehue PogChamp


What is the difference between Featured and player-curated??


Vampire Blood - SA - 5:19

Enjoyable contract I must say :blush:


Featured contracts are selected by IOI (Travis) and the other by a user who was chosen.
I guess the player curated ones will appear in the same place as featured contracts.


Yup, this ^

However I don’t know when they will be released. It said later in Aug.


Nice work and cool strat in the basement. :+1:You really saved time.


This post contains spoilers for completing “The Finalize Robbery” Contract.

Just a heads up for the ones trying to complete “The Finalize Robbery”: Don’t shoot him from this position. The Guards on the floor above him will notice the kill with their x-ray eyes. You can shoot him from other spots and won’t get bodies found.


The bug that alerts them only makes them aware the gun was fired. He does not get found or cause noticed kill from xray vision. If he is getting found, your’re taking too long to exit and they are investigating the source of the gun. That spot is fine if he is the last kill.


Okay I replayed the contract again and he gets found by the lady that goes up and down the stairs. But I need a faster route anyway 1:51 seems to be pretty slow compared to the other guys on the scoreboard.


Blood and Muscle - SA 1:45

Sabina’s Satisfaction (Suit Edition) - SA 1:01


I wish I could share some of my solutions for the more fascinating Featured Contracts. But I’m just not one of these Vampire Magician Ninjas. :frowning:

For example, I did “Winter is Coming” mostly as the Hospital Director. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Finalize Robbery - SA 1:35


My contract “Silver Lining” in 2:11min
#TeamSilverballerOnlyLoadout :sunglasses:


Guru For Two (1:27)

As @GuLe noted on his stream, starting cutscene OP. His run is just way better.

The Lang Kiss Goodnight (1:59)

Yeah I didn’t realize I could just do that either but only one person cares enough to stop you and then only if he’s headturning real bad.

Blood and Muscle (1:36)

This seemed really easy.

Vampire Blood (4:51)

I knew there was a faster way than running all the way through that stupid attic.

The Finalize Robbery (1:44)

Not much to say about this one either. Seemed fairly straightforward: You see Thanaboon, you drop coconuts on Thanaboon.

I’ve also reasserted my dominance on Enforcer Hunt – Gardener, though my run hasn’t changed from when I did it as a non-featured and that’s probably what gave me an advantage on it, but PC times at least aren’t even close so let’s see some rekkying here people!


I present to you, the most solid strat in the universe:

The Lang Kiss Goodnight SA (1:16)


Awesome run of Vampire Blood. Very cool to take that pipe down. :+1::+1:




Blood and Muscle SA/SO (1:09)

Turns out you can extend the distance of your fetch trick with any item (not only phone) if you pick it up and drop again after throwing, like a double fetch trick, (or fetch trick+?)


Really liked this one, could get into the feel of this mission not caring about getting SA. Good job making it!


Backstage Pass SA (1:27)