10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 11th 2017)


Thank you! I hope in Season 2 they change up the scoring system to allow missions like this.


Did you submit it anywhere recently?


Nice one… Tried this strat and her body kept being found…AAAHH


The Finalize Robbery 1:30

After @cjgarof clarified that the “crime notice” notice doesn’t matter I was able to shop 20 secs off my original time with these two changes: You can kill Thanaboon from the rooftop and the Guard from 47’s suite.


With such a question you might want to know that the one which was featured from me was submited multiple months ago. Travis tends to go back quite some time.




Waste 3~5 seconds,I think 1:05 is possible with a better execution.

0:33 is possible


The red guy is random,sometimes he died at 1:40,so i can exit at 1:43.


This route can be 3 seconds faster with proper execution

Got another route which would come down to 1:38/1:39, but that involves too much rng and i can’t be bothered to deal with that anymore.


This can be 10 seconds faster with godblessrng on your side but that’ll do for now.


I knew all strats will be beaten with yolo runs at this one. Nice.




If you thought there couldn’t possibly be a strat more stupid than this, I have bad news for you.

The Lang Kiss Goodnight SA (56s)


When I tried this, the target didn’t go to that same location. What am I doing wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though, that was absolutely awesome. But how many times did it take for that to happen?


66, which to be honest is less than some of my other runs that seems less random than this HUEHUEHEUHUE

Also that wasn’t even my plan, I was expecting to have her on the corridor next to the guard so I could KO the guard and kill the lady, then run through the basement, fire a loud pistol shot to panic the chefs and exit, which could be faster than this.

I could’ve taken that path on this run but #noballs hueheuheue


Can you walk through what the heck you just did?
You did it so fast. That was awesome.


Enforcer Hunt Gardener 1:40

Don’t be blind like me in my initial run and oversee the FE in the garage, saves lots of time.


Uh… which one? I can’t tell from your post which video you’re asking about.