10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 3rd 2018)


On The Clock: Paris 10 Minute Shift @xGURUx83
Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho @Wesker
Dress For The Job You Want @Sum_Mean_Square
Security Officer Training @Parsime
Discrete Distribution System 2.0 @Futa
Scary Accidents @Euler13
The Defectors @bjojo
Total War @Atmosphere
Round Up @ArjabRoy
Burgess & Co. @ArjabRoy

Congrats to everybody!


Why. Am. I. In. Featured. Yes yes yes yes yes



Congrats to all.


Congrats to all, I’ll be eager to see the runs of both of my contracts, there are lots of ways to get the job done :blush:


Hi, i am new to the Hitman Forums and the Hitman Community overall, could somebody explain how Featured Contracts work and how can you get featured?


First create your own contract from Create a contract option then submit it in Featured contracts submission thread page, if you’re lucky and your contract is worthy either IOI or a Contract Curator will select and feature it ultimately becoming a Featured Contract.


Thank you ArjabRoy :slight_smile:





I thought I took first place on this contract and then your score appeared, great run m8 :grinning:


Burgess & Co.SASO
Nice contract, really enjoyed this one :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Great job on my Scary Accidents, @Hardware.

On Xbox, UnknownGamer477 has managed to do it in 1.08, and KeybladeHope has done it in about 1.23 (from memory). I have no idea what they’re doing to get Paul Mackey (the one on the rooftop) with an accident so quickly?!

I wonder if anyone here can figure out how to get close to those times?




Security Officer Training 1:04


Thanks for sharing. Still the mind boggles how one could shave another 21 seconds off that run! :confused:



I think to manage a 1:08 run you have to kill Paul Mackey with the Hay Bale. Starting by The Greenhouse. Shoot him with the krugermeier right after beginning, brings him under the hay bale at about 56 sec. FE Bomb for Burgess and Cary, exit by boat.
Try that strat :wink:


Very clever idea! My aiming isn’t great and I don’t think I could pull-off that long distance pistol shot. I tested other ideas when I was putting the contract together. All much slower. My preferred strategy uses the hay bale and a sniper rifle, but it takes 2.10.

I’ve been so impressed with the four strategies I’ve seen so far: @Hardware, @mungadungalis, @Ha-DOOOOOOOU-ken, and VAST Win (the video that Hardware provided). So much smarter than I had anticipated, but we are used to that by now.


Dress For The Job You Want

Let’s be honest, there’s only really one way we should be dressing for this job, but I’ll sacrifice style on my second run for a bit more speed.
0:00 Shabby 47 (4.05)
4:48 Movie Crew Speedrun (2.08)

@Sum_Mean_Square: I had a lot of fun with this one, especially the suit only run. :+1: