10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 3rd 2018)



Featured Contract - Scary Accidents (1:08)





How fast he gets under the hay bale is dependent on where you are on the map during his run down the stairs, since I believe he continues to track your position. If you get to the scarecrow disguise too quickly, he stops at the side of the barn. I chose the double kill with electricity because they could die first… the guy on the roof doesn’t get there any sooner (except with better shooting in the beginning) and FE was too loud to kill them first.


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Certainly not in the same league as some of these fast methods - @cjgarof Your run was insanely good! - but here are two of my own humble offerings…

Scary Accidents - Two Runs

0:00 Smooth Goes Undercover (2.28)
3:20 Militia Technician Speed Run (1.37)


Don’t sell yourself short just because of speed. That’s not a different league, it’s just a different style. TBH speed is the thing I care least about. Style points and the run being interesting are all that really matter to me.

I wish more guys would care more about being creative and interesting than they do about leaderboards, since a lot of times fast just for the sake of it is pretty boring.

Your runs were really good.


Scary Accidents
Thanks @Euler13


On the clock w/ chandelier shot from helipad:


Can‘t believe featured again.
Congrats to all.


Would you guys be down for more like this? “Dress For The Job You Want” on the other maps?


Yes, I’m always up for a well designed contract.


Discrete Distribution System 2.0

My strat was 1.5 for this tho :smile:



The Defectors - Shabby 47 vs Smooth 47 vs Shabby 47

0:00 Shabby Sniping (2.18)
2:54 Smooth Infiltration (3.07)
6:34 Shabby Infiltration (1.47)

@bjojo :+1:


Scary Accidents 58s

Man I love playing scarecrow!!! Thanks


1/10, you didnt leave in the disguise :wink:

Jokes lol nice run mate. Did you consider the triple electricution… you know… for style points

EDIT also worth a mention, in my experience he doesnt track your position exactly, it is only when you shoot or detonate or something. It reminded me of what you said about Zaydan on your pro speedrun about the guards checking out an unrelated bullet so you switched to the screwdriver kill. I assume its the same unintended mechanic at work here. I used a peach to distract the guys near the scarecrow and he would continue on course, but if i shot, he would change route.


I considered that after I typed it. It was because I was shooting afterwards to turn the guys near the disguise around. And yes that is the reason.

Also I did another leaving in the disguise with no knockouts, same exit.


Nice. I’m gonna try combine yours and my run see if I can make 47s happen later.

EDIT I think 47 is pushing it, but -50s might be possible for you pc guys. Im using broken ps4 controllers so i’ll be lucky to beat 55s tbh.

EDIT 2 I got 51s. I thought i’d missed the hay bale shot that’s why i hesitated. CBA to keep grinding it now tbh. Cheers for the blind spot!

PS @cjgarof is it possible to knock down the hay bale with the flying phone? Ive hit all sorts up there and it refuses to drop.


Scary Accidents 1.33s SA - Electrocutions all round!


Round Up SA 24s @ArjabRoy