10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 3rd 2018)


So I just saw my contract was actually chosen by the IO dev team. I just want to thank @Clemens_IOI, @Travis_IOI and the whole IO Interactive team for this. Imo, it’s better than a face in H2! THANKS IO :heart:


My Dress for the Job you want run (Xbox)

@Sum_Mean_Square clever contract!

Total War by @Atmosphere


HITMAN - 72Q Plague V1 - (4:34)
PC: 1-03-6179987-93


HITMAN - 72Q Plague V2 - (5:28)
PC: 1-03-2732048-93


HITMAN - The Level Menace - (2:40)


Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho by @Wesker


The Defectors 1.45 SA

After I did this run, I watched your video. That last shot you made was great! So good infact, I went back ingame and got mine down to 1.40s with it. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording that run though :frowning:


Burgess & Co. by @ArjabRoy