10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


Congrats to @Franz, @SilentAssassin47, @Yellow_ZR1, @Jamminermit, @immadummee47, @Honzas4400, @Ernsperh and @David47!

Also thanks to @misterkiller for the image.

As a side note, for those wondering if Legacy contracts are being featured- they are, so be ready for those!


You’re welcome.

But no reward for 15 completed Featured Contracts
@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI please add it to the game


Congrats to all chosen. 2 times “Down to the wire” :smiley:


Congratz to @ArjabRoy as well. :slight_smile: (Victimize)


Allan please add reward


Allan adds details, not rewards :slight_smile:


do you enjoy correcting people’s jokes :stuck_out_tongue:


Well obviously, but we don’t need details in this instance, now do we? :thinking:

In this month’s update:

  • We’ve added details for the Featured Contracts II challenge. Still no reward, though…


Clemens please add reward!!


Have done all of them (including mine hehe). Gotta say for me the hardest one is Down to the Wire by @Franz

Can’t figuring out how to fiber-wire the female entertainer. She just sat there, didn’t react to gunshot, etc.

Anyway, Good hunting, agents!


I still can’t believe my contract got featured (Measure Twice, Kill Thrice). Not that I didn’t enjoy creating or playing it, but I know it wasn’t the best it could be (I’m trying to get better, though). I think some of the complications were a tad bit much :frowning: Well, here’s to next time, hopefully it’ll be better

@Yellow_ZR1 Also, your contract was ultimately great :slight_smile: But finding a way to kill Lee Sorel took me some time. Anyone BUT him were always checking the distractions. Never him… lazy ass idiot :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


By the way, once you completed a contract, is there any way to get straight back to the contracts menu? All I can do is replan the existing one or get back to the very very main menu screen.


The female entertainer doesn’t have the wire kill condition :wink:


Oh my! I just assumed every targets have to be eliminated with fiber-wire. lol Guess I have to replay soon after figuring how to distract all raiders in the morgue room.


it would be cool if you were able to fiber wire unconcious people. kind of like how the neck snap animation works. 47 wraps the wire around the neck area and it kills them.


This is an astounding milestone for my Hitman 2 career.


God damnit, contracts that have auto-fail conditions when you shoot a cam or use a shot for distraction really go against my playstyle. It happens so automatic that I disqualify myself in the middle of a run regularly-.-


Bored at work and desperately (heh heh… play on words) wanna play Hitman. Can someone provide some details on these new featured contracts? Pretty please? :slight_smile:


1x Paris
2x Mumbai
1x Marrakesh Night
2x Sgail
2x Santa Fortuna
1x Miami
1x Whittleton Creek


I feel like hitting camera should not count againts it. Or it should be a separate complication. It really is so automatic at this point.