10 New Featured Contracts - ‘Desperate Measures’ - 10/1/19


My contract, the Ghost of Whittleton Creek, totally hinges on the fact that you can’t shoot out cameras :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a good complication that adds another level to contracts, and really there’d be no other point to it in a FW contract.


You made it autofail which is always really terrible.

People really need to learn to make these optional, or IO should just removed the option for autofails


Maybe they shouldn’t have added these at all.
Well, at least timer.
Hate time contracts…


I can understand that for things like not changing disguises, which I’d change if I could, but I don’t see why it matters for Perfect Shooter seeing as you have to go around the cameras either way.


No, timer is awesome. And i dont mind the other restrictions that much either.

Whats bad about it is when they make you autofail the level. They should ALWAYS be optional, and thats up to the creator. When its optional you still have to do it for SA, but it takes away much annoyance


Simple, this game is handling very fast weapon switches extremely poorly compared to season 1, meaning if you switch quickly from pistol to anything else and then use it, you will still shoot a bullet first, because game is trash.

You can turn it around aswell: making it autofail adds absolutely nothing to the contract, optional is always enough


There are definitely cases where the auto-fail is ‘useful’. One of the new Featured Contracts, the 5 Minute Fiasco, handled this very well in my opinion. The strict, but somewhat long time (5 minutes, obviously) really pushes you to find a good, fast and optimal way to complete the contract and doesn’t give you too much time to break the AI, for instance. At least not for a casual player, anyway. The contract would be nowhere near as interesting or memorable if the timer was optional or wasn’t there at all.

I know that your contract, @Silverballer (and also congratulations to you too) has this complication, and I know it’s for a story reason, and I liked it… It’s just that reflex to shoot cameras is always there, regardless if the contract has any complications :smiley:


That was the contract that I keep failing, yeah :smiley:
All of the contract takes place in the house with the evidence recorder, it just makes it super inconvenient :frowning: Either waste a slot for the emp grenade or lure that one damn guard away that else takes minutes just to move to the living room (you’re not allowed to pacify him either or it also autofails).

It’s probably more the autofail I have a gripe with, as mentioned by somebody above.


Bullshit, you would still forfeit SA if the timer was optional


I can understand that. I haven’t played much with the complication so didn’t realise auto fail was so annoying, but I stand by the idea that the perfect shooter and no pacifications are necessary for the contract, since you have to move around the cameras and the guard that isn’t marked/Cassidy.


You can definitely do it without getting rid of the guard or any cameras. That was the first thing I tested.


Again, the complication ITSELF is fine and there are plenty of contracts where it adds to the contract, yours included. , it being autofail is not fine, and adds absolutely nothing to a contract


Complications make the puzzles, they make you rethink your approach and motivates you to find new ways.

Autofails just hinder you at your training to get there.


You would, but imagine a player that doesn’t care about SA as much. Maybe someone like me. They want to make it as best as they can, and if they can get SA, they will, but they won’t push themselves to play through the contract perfectly. People like that don’t think having anything less than SA is unthinkable.
One or two bodies found or being recorded by a camera won’t make them go haywire and do it again. They just go with it And people like that would not care about the 5 minutes if they’re aren’t pushed to it. And just like that, the contract would lose its number one ‘gimmick’.

Take @Yellow_ZR1’s featured contract, for instance. I really tried doing it SA, but was spotted the last minute when killing the last target. Then I just bolted. Didn’t get SA rating, obviously, but I know I tried my best and did pretty good for majority of the contract. I don’t really need that SA rating after that. In a similar fashion, @Silverballer 's contract made pull out some hair the first few tries because that camera shooting was just so automatic. But at the same time, I kept trying and found different ways how to deal with the cameras/avoid them. It pushed me to play a bit differently than I would before, it pushed me to find new ways to get somewhere, it pushed me to change my playstyle. Even if just a little.

As much as I agree that auto-fail complications are a double-edged sword, I enjoy them in most cases. If you or anyone really cares about SA rating, you can’t fail the complications anyway (as you pointed out). And if you don’t care, those complications push you. And you either give in, and do your best, or you give up and go to the next contract. All of which is viable option. Some contracts are simply harder. But it’s up to the player how much he wants to engage in that.


Yeah, that male target annoyed me so much, too! A hint is coins are better distraction than flowing sink.
And about your contract, I am so glad it allowed me to knock out people on the way. Especially two guards in the bar’s basement. It makes the run easier and enjoyable.


Autofails hinder and limit your experiments, ideas and training.

It is always bad


Which would not be a thing at autofail conditions.


Nah, auto fails push the players to their limits on whether they can complete it without getting frustrated or not. Lol.

Sometimes contracts are made with auto fails to NOT give answers away like who saw you.

I like auto fails because I don’t get spoon fed the answers and at times I like to prevent players from not getting SA if it’s just easier to shoot and run, especially if they are not interested in trying for SA.


This was my thought process when I made it auto fail at first, but I didn’t consider the problems auto fail would cause so I probably won’t use it again. Can definitely see how it’s more annoying than anything.


Yeah but I don’t like that. I made some really frustrating contracts in ym past and I came to the conclusion that these are not enjoyable for too many. I rather make it a puzzle for those who go for SA and make it a sandbox for those who don’t.

you can’t. If you for example make me get the battle axe in my suit high up in a trespassing area to kill someone downstaris, and make the “autofail at spotted”, I can just kill him differently.